By kaylashay2k13 - 17/05/2016 14:18 - United States - Mission

Today, my boyfriend was trying to tackle me to the bed when we heard a loud pop. The pop turned out to be him breaking my pinky finger. FML
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SauceySarah 30


I cringed by the thought of this.. Sorry OP.


SauceySarah 30


Yes, yes it is!

I cringed by the thought of this.. Sorry OP.

Sorry OP! Hope you feel better soon..

My boyfriend did the exact same thing except it turned out to be my foot :S

So it's not the exact same thing then

ABlindMan 17

It's exactly the same except it's almost completely different except for the similar part that isn't different. Jeez it's as simple as that, understand now?

How did he break your pinky finger?

Of all the new buttons, the worst is 'that could have happened to me,' because even if it could have happened to me, it still could be something that would F someone's life. For some FMLs they're not really different choices.

So you click both.

at least it wasn't the ring finger;)

Ouch, good luck with the finger.

when your hear a pop it's a dislocation not a fracture.

Ever heard a bone snapping? still makes a very cringeworthy sound, it's not just dislocations that makes a pop. I'm also assuming OP had a doctor conclude it was broken.

heard* Did nobody notice that?