By fungettingdressed - 12/10/2010 12:57 - United States

Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, my fingers got stuck between the wall and headboard. Screaming, he thought I was enjoying the sex and kept going even harder. I have 3 broken fingers. FML
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Nyc__Princess 0

Lol. Now that's the meaning of rough sex.


Nyc__Princess 0

Lol. Now that's the meaning of rough sex.

alliewillie 22

... why, instead of just screaming, didn't you say STOP? or OW THAT HURTS?

No, "Ow that hurts" can still be connected to the sex. Should have yelled "MY FINGERS" before he broke them.

a simple 'Stop!' would have done the trick..

KiddNYC1O 20

Everybody knows stop means go.

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Daerauko 0

41, I don't think she's 18 so back down. This FML is halarious, sucks for the OP though.

Well you scream when your head bounces off the headboard, what did you expect him to think?

BelleElle_fml 5

LOL, I'm 17. So 41 is still too old judging on his picture.

theian01 3

Remember when this comment had to do with a girl breaking her fingers between the wall and headboard? Yeah, neither do I. OPp, how's about screaming "STOPMYFINGERSAREBREAKING!," or "THISISAHARDHEADBOARD!" or my favorite, "WEMUSTSTOPINTERCORSEBECAUSEMYPHALANGESAREBEINGFRACTUREDATTHEMOMENT,KTHNXBYE!"

softball1432 0

a whole new meaning of rough and kinky sex(;

killabee 0

Yeah I bet you liked it, you sick masochist. jk:)

thatxgirlxthere 0

that could just as well be misinterpreted as a sexual push--"stop it you naughty boy" and besides, what are the chances the boy'd listen? fyl, ydi.

If "Stop, you're crushing my fingers" is interpreted it as "Stop, you naughty boy" chances are good you're dealing with a sadist or an idiot. NO MEANS NO!

Haha, that reminds me of a scene in, I believe, Eurotrip. Where the guy visiting a sexclub in Amsterdam was told he couldn't scream 'stop' when he wanted them to stop, because people tend to say that when they really don't mean it. So he had to scream some unpronounceable word, which was of course misunderstood.. Dumdumdum. The rest you can watch yourself. I didn't like the movie, but that scene was funny :)

starberries 0

If she said stop and he didn't listen, that's called rape.

That's going to be fun explaining to the doctors :D

sexyninja1998 0

its like "me and him were having sex when i went to put my hand on the wall".i wonder what her parents would say:)

cfacheerguy 0

More like "so we were having sex and my fingers got stuck...."

surferchick96 0

the bed isn't a safe or original place anyway

killabee 0

lolwut? Seriously, your sex life shouldn't be confined to the bed, but there's no reason to avoid it alltogether.

quite_bored 9

yeah, who's giving points for origionality?

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jjames67 4

that's what you get for sticking your fingers between the wall and the headboard.

Jessi2487 0

shoulda actually said something instead of just screaming. that was stupid. ydi

hahaha! for him that musta been a huge upset! for you a bad experience on rough sex.