By JayFri - 06/06/2011 17:20 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were about to have sex in his car. He got out of the car and moved to the passenger seat with me. As he shut the door, it slammed against my fingers, breaking one of them. He then asked if we could still have sex. FML
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You still should have :3

Wow 2, *you're... smart too


You still should have :3

broken bones always turns me on :P

Idonebeenhad 17

it's not like you're gonna give him a handjob :D

still had sex not give him a handjob lol sorry for the confusion guys

Shouldn't the sex take place in the back of the car? Why passenger seat?

Petunia888 13

38-maybe the seat reclines? Sometimes it's nice.

CaptainPickles72 18

11- Yup, sex with broken bones is a smashing good time!

sex is so much better in back of an SUV...passenger seats get real uncomfortable

Boygenius50 8

And you said yes. . .right??!

justinhi 0

yeah cuz blue balls is a bitch

well sex produces a chemical called endorphin it's a natural painkiller so pain will be bearable. so I say, sex FTMFW YO.

imacreeper 3

You still have 4 left. Stop looking for excuses.

You can still enjoy it. There's a thin line between pain an pleasure

Not really. "Oh it feels so good that it hurts." What's up with that???

GuessWhatKids 13

Ted Bundy anyone?

he has the right to have sex with you. After all he is the male and you should listen to him and suck his cock.

Since when did we need fingers in sex. Commit!

You should have broke his bone...r .

It's not like OP has to finger him...

yup..smtimes it reclines..!!! :P

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Lee_Shha 10


if I was him I would have said you broke a bone and I will grow one more :)

Uh no she shouldnt have

wow your smart

Wow 2, *you're... smart too

FMLsOhilarious 6

Yeah, apparently you're smart too. Your grammar is so perfect I'm jealous...NOT.

^^^ Grammar Nazi ^^^

chickunkey 0

your smart what? the anticipation is killing me!

that dog is fucking adorable

you honestly just made no sense at all

Maybe he is in to pain/ S&M.

People who are into that are insane. I'm sorry, mentally hilarious. (Family Guy reference)

sensoon15 7

i was thinking the same thing. "sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me!"

jaidonsafira 0


what does S&M stand for?

InanimateObject 0

socks and mittens

ipodlover1995 0

well you don't have sex with your fingers anyway... or do you ;)

DearestPluto 0

Why would she be fingering her BOYfriend?

mismonroe 0

Because the male G SPOT (don't worry, sweetie, you'll learn about that when you grow up) is in the Rectum.

why wouldn't she be fingering her boyfriend?

Good ol' prostate ticklin'

CleanseTheKraken 0

he'll yea

ipodlover1995 0

I don't know your life!

What a moron. Take him back and get a refund.

Hooray for hookers!

he felt bad enough.... lol not like he did it on purpose, grin and bear it and give it up, and next time just do it on the trunk!!!!

ReynshineCutting 10

Grin and bear it? WTF? You don't grin and bear it. That's just wrong on so many levels.

DyKy 2

your boyfriend has his priorities straight

PSQ91 6

You don't need your finger for sex, duh!

That sounds fucking painful.

I love how you're the only person that realizes that that had to freaking hurt.

thats what i was thinking xD

lexielynn0680 0

i love your pic 70 :D

I hate your /fucking/ pun.

I think you should slam the door on his fingers and then ask him if he still feels like having sex.

...slightly more difficult for a male to have sex w/o his hand than for a female.

I think he'd still say yes..

TheDrifter 23

Op's username is Jay... I think they're both guys.

Because Jay can't be a girls name? Or you were trying to be funny?

TheDrifter 23

Really? How many girls names do you know that start with Jay? Or is it just here in Canada that those names aren't popular for girls?

Right cause your name is TheDrifter and that screams a particular gender. Seriously its just a username.

Jay can be short for a girls name. For example, Jaymee (I think that's a real name, but I'm not sure).

12-why would she do that. After all the male has the power and she should suck his dick for causing trouble.

bingababe 16

124- My daughters name is Jayleah, we always call her Jay.

lyshieelove 0

I think thats the point

I don't feel the need to add any more names tbh. Just because those names aren't popular doesn't mean they don't exist. I was the only person I knew with my name my whole childhood, now I know 6 others.

stewpididiot 11

I think you should slam the door on hoe boner and see if he still wants to have sex.

164, that might just work.