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Today, my new husband and I were called up to have our first dance at our wedding. While I rested my head on his shoulder, he whispered the most romantic thing to me: "Your breath stinks." FML
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beddington 7

Be thankful, honesty in a marriage is very key to a long and successful one.

Nomadic1 20

I thought women want a guy that is honest :p


chocolatefrog28 29

Tactful. To be fair though, you could have kept tictacs tucked into your dress.

That was so fresh, it took my breath away.

Keeping TicTac's in your dress sounds very Honey Boo Boo ish.

Depending on the type of dress your wearing I suppose. From experience, if it was a strapless wedding gown NOTHING is going to be able to fit in there besides boobs, and hardly even those. I had to use dress tape to make sure mine didn't come out when I raised my arms for hugs. Lol

K410 18

yeah, the wonderful sound of *swish swish swish* as she walks down the aisle with her tic tacs are bouncing around.

Some wedding dresses do have pockets.

slappygecko 21

#64, I read that as tit tacs. Just thought you should know.

beddington 7

Be thankful, honesty in a marriage is very key to a long and successful one.

If they've been lying to each other just to be kind simply because of not being married, then they've already begun on a slippery slope.

Yeah she could have replied with an insult and made it a joke

iJUSTINsane 12

Hey.. Atleast you know he'll tell you stuff that will help you that you might (in this case did) get angry about.

PterodactylMan 23
Nomadic1 20

I thought women want a guy that is honest :p

I am a woman, and I see no harm in his honesty.

He could have at least waited until the dance was over and offered her some gum or a mint or told her about it at any other moment than when they are supposed to be sharing a romantic one time moment together in front of a bunch of people.

They don't want honesty when weight/clothing style are involved.

iGottaFindBubbah 12

I'm sure it made the first dance awkward for her. She was probably too embarrassed to kiss him or open her mouth to whisper sweet nothings in his ear. He should've just waited.

Scary when you know it only gets downhill post marriage..

I don't see why it would. You're still the same two people you should be just like before you were married. Do people think marriage has some magic "turn people shitty" spell on it? All marriage is, is a ring. You've been with each other before marriage and were happy, nothing should be different after. It disgusts me how people think marriage actually changes them.

imagineapc 11

My ex-husband thought he could control my life once we were married. He was not that way before, however. So yes, marriage CAN change people and how they interact with one another.

@24, Sounds more like that guy was a prick already.

graceinsheepwear 33

20, are you married? I lived with my now ex husband for 5 years before we got married and we didn't think marriage would feel any different but it did feel quite different. It was better, deeper. It ultimately didn't work out for us years later, but marriage was a different kind of commitment.

I'm just wondering have you ever been married? I haven't but I know there is an underlying factor in marriage, and it's time, people get old of each other. People who love each other truly, usually gets past the 4-5 years of honeymoon bullshit. A marriage actually does change and that's when you realize that the person you married after all this infatuation, is either meant to be or not. I am not an expert at all but that's my take on how it works, I mean would a truly loving couple divorce after a stupid argument?

DKjazz 20

I've found that 100% of divorces begin with marriage.

imagineapc 11

#66: my family still likes him a lot. He visits my parents more than I do. And every time he does, I get the phone call from my mother: "you know, I don't know why you divorced him...blahblahblah"

Well see how his breath was like after your night together that night!

And you should have said "Your nose is closer to your mouth more than you might think hubby"...

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

This is one of the worst comebacks I have ever read.

perdix 29

Now that you are legally bound to him, he can finally let you know what he really thinks.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

??? It means they got married, were going to dance, and her husband said her breath stinks. What is confusing about this?

OP has Halitosis. Is that difficult to understand?