By ewww - 30/07/2011 14:07 - United States

Today, while using the restroom at McDonald's, a hand reached under my stall and took the remaining toilet paper. FML
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Glitterhinoceros 14

Reach over to the next stall and take that ones toilet paper.

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tacocannon99 5

mcdonalds is your kinda place

tacocannon99 5
tacocannon99 5

implying the song. now would be an appropriate time to sing white America.

flockz 19

**** mcdonalds AND burger king. im a whataburger man.

Andrew1122 0

hahaha this kids comment is getting thumbed down because he looks like such a creep.

nickmeier1 4

Haha thank you I was thinking the same thing!

and you let it happen? should have slapped the hand..

Glitterhinoceros 14

Reach over to the next stall and take that ones toilet paper.

assuming OP is not on an end. then run out grab some paper towels and sprint back?

What if he was at the very end stall???

or smack that assholes hand out of your stall. see people let stupid things happen. because they neglect to react to situations...

would you have preceded him to knock on your stall and say, "excuse me, can I come in and get some toilet paper?"?'

CattyPurry 0

OP should have slapped the hand and begin a game of "patty cake" :D

I would've holded hands with the person who was trying to steal my toilet paper to creep em out, they might struggle to pull away and say "LET GO!" but I would've kept trying to hold their hands and say "Please... I NEED THIS!!!"

He should have slapped the hand hand and been like... Bitch!! Don't steal my toilet paper!! And then crap all over his hand

flockz 19

you should of sliced his hand off with your katana.

Laughing_Cow 0

That doesn't get back at the first person though

juicedboi 7

Well I can only speak for Australia, but here the stalls are fairly close to the ground while the toilet paper is mid height. So if that is the are everywhere, I'd like to know how they stole your toilet paper without practically sliding half their body into your stall. Either way, what are you doing just letting people steal your toilet paper?

67 is completely agree. people let too many things slide these days. if I couldn't save the toilet paper from being stolen I would've kicked his stall door in(after cleaning up somehow obviously), taken a photo and put it on the Internet. that's what I call revenge :)

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Take a shit in his chicken nuggets.

105 - that's what you call revenge eh? Back in my day we used to call that a misdemeanor

I guess you were able to spare a square

The OP should have grabbed the person's hand and said "two can play at this game" in a perverted voice. :)

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did he then proceed to sing back in black by acdc??

Blackmail111 9

heh "asshole" the irony of your comment

Blackmail111 9

Who uses the restrooms at McDicks. They are disgusting.

Considering it happened in New Jersey, was there an arm attached to the hand?

santarosakid 5

were you giving birth to a snooki

laplander_fml 0

Anybody else realize that there was a post where the OP had to reach under the stall to take the last roll of toilet paper? You guys should search it up if you don't believe me.

Ignore that last comment, I misread this FML a while ago :/

milakitty21 0

I'm guessing they didn't have toilet paper

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Yea that put him in a "shitty situation"! Haha

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Hope OP didn't have McDiarrea

Only in new jersey... I can see it in California too thought...

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Mcdonalds is full of creeps...

16 McDonalds FMLs and counting, upon entering "mcd" in the search. It's a place of effed lives...

go to the bathroom, smash the toilet seat into pieces and use them to make a glory hole. THEN see how creepy it gets

your right there is a lot of I went in to the washroom once at Mcdonalds and there was a topless fat women just standing there. I ran out of there so fast.

It's also full of heart disease.

Please take 175 off. I blame my friend for that one. Thank you

iJasper 8

You don't know where his hands have been. . .

DeadxManxWalking 27

They've been in my stall, taking my toilet paper

Llamassss 21

No, but I do know where his hands are going!

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You could always teabag his hand, you know, just to let him know someone's there.

hoodasswhitekid 0

he should've grabbed his hand and pulled him into his stall.

Iwashere12345 0

and you just stood by and watched with no reaction? YDI

xosportsgirl14x 8

What was OP supposed to do? Grab their hand?

Identity99 1

I don't really blame them.. I think I'd have been in shock too!

yeah like "I'm in a gang" he'd return it right away

Grab their hand, and YANK them right off of their crapper. Then laughed your ass off.

skizzlerz 0

Yeah they definitely should have grabbed their hand and said "Oo is THAT the way you like to play?" in a flirty tone and put their foot over too if they could reach and try to play footsie with them. Think they still want your toilet paper then?

tacocannon99 5

next Ronald McDonald will kick down your stall door.

Grab his hand and shove it in the toilet

yeah I'm sure the paper towel theif had extendable arms. >>

you should've used his hand AS toilet paper