By Anonymous - 10/08/2013 10:05 - United States - Palmdale

Today, out of partying reflex, I downed Communion wine like a vodka shot. FML
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beddington 7

Time for AA.

perdix 29

Did you belt out a big "Woo-hoo!" afterwards?


beddington 7

Time for AA.

This is literally the only good comment on this FML.

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K410 18

"Woah is that really the blood of Christ? Man that guy must be wasted 24 hours a day eh?" - Peter Griffin

Not so anonymous now...

#25: As opposed to figuratively the only good comment?

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Oh no. Please don't awaken the religious shitstorm. Please, spare us.

Sea religion is bad for you

See partying is bad for you

don't release the religious kraken

What is dead may never die.

Fresh water heretics...

And how well did that turn out for you?

Turned out great! I mean, why else would OP post it on FML?

Cool story. Not much of a FML here.

MissFits_fml 6

Did you have a chaser to go with that after?

Maybe chaser'd out the church after that..

Who needs a chaser for wine?

\ 28

Um... cheese?

#4, I like the tattoo

Proving my point that folks I see in the club on Saturday night are the same folks I might meet at church the next morning... Clothes better ironed and a different brand of make up...

skyeyez9 24

Who says christians aren't allowed to enjoy a party? Jesus turned hundreds of gallons of Water into Wine at a party he attended.

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Ciraxas 7

76-where does it say Jesus never got drunk?

The bible says getting drunk is a sin (before you start bashing me, I'm going from the text) and it says Jesus himself was sinless. Putting two and two together, it's implied Jesus never got drunk.

Apparently he was great at getting other people drunk, though!

It does not say Jesus was sinless anywhere in the scripture. Maybe the Old Testament, but the New Testament, which the majority of Christians and Catholics go by nowadays, makes it clear that Jesus was human, and therefore, flawed. The New Testament contradicts many of the Old Testament's statements.

101- It does say he was sinless. Multiple times. He had to be sinless in order to die for our sins. That's the whole point if him being Jesus, the son of God. And, Jesus is not in the Old Testement. That's the seperation between the two. Old Testement= pre-Jesus. New Testement= Post-Jesus. Please sir... spend a little time in study. The fact that Jesus was sinless is kind of important to the whole belief system of being a Christian. Remember: Jesus= perfect. Perfect love. :)

10showgirl 16

But he took everyone's sin right before he died and descended into hell and rose on the 3rd day.... So he wasn't without sin. And wasn't his mother, Mary, the only one born without original sin? Hence, the immaculate conception....

And what is wrong with that? You can't be yourself and have a few drinks but still go to church?

8313girl 28

I'm a preachers kid and I say yeah you can. The sin is doing anything in excess. There's nothing wrong with having a few drinks as long as you stay in control. Party on people! PS: I think OP maybe outta control lol.

God's not judging you for that. He's probably partying it up with you.

What? You people think Morgan Freeman can't party?

OP drank god his son's symbolic blood like it was Russian brandy... party?

#36 Morgan freeman partying would be awesome

37- god killed his son hopefully he's not mad about people getting crunk on his blood

the 90s were 20 years ago I think its time you stop saying "get crunk"

This *is* the same god whose son turned water to booze, so I'm pretty sure you're right.

perdix 29

Did you belt out a big "Woo-hoo!" afterwards?

iJUSTINsane 12

"The blood of Christ.." *SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS..* *Priest looks down at the cup* "Should i even wipe this??"

waiting for the bible pushers to comment something stupid.

oh well, you can't make a good comment every time

If you don't have something good to comment, don't comment at all.

You must be fun at part...oh. never mind

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caohm 18

you both should feel bad