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Today, it was my wedding day. My new husband and I, for a laugh, did our first dance to LMFAO's "I'm sexy and I know it" with stupid moves and everything. 200 guests. Nobody laughed. FML
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How can someone not enjoy that? Those people would not be my friends.

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I bet they were sorry for party rocking

Probably the first and only time this comment is acceptable in the history of FML

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#27, it reminds me of the FML about a vacuum cleaner which was the first and only time "That sucks" was a witty comment.

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Was there ever a time when "that's a shitty situation" was acceptable?

#54 there was but the pun has become so trite it's not accepted around these parts anymore

that's a shitty situation. lmfao that sucks lol

that's a shitty situation. lmfao that sucks lol

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I come from the future. And yes, this was the only time "Lmfao" was acceptable

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Ya gotta have the speedos....

Not enough alcohol at this wedding it sounds like.

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the husband was probably doing the rolling the dice move like in knocked up !

They probably served wine coolers...I'd be a tough crowd too!

Looks like you should hand them.........Shots shots shots shots shots shots EVERYBODY!!

If you ain't takin SHOTS get the **** out this...... reception....

Wow, must've been incredibly awkward...

Maybe they were shocked into silence by how great your dance moves were!

I say lmfao'd when I want to say laughed instead of laugh. That's probably what they did. I say LMFAOing for laughing, though I don't really say either of those that often.

maybe your boob popped out and you didn't notice so they didn't laugh in case later, when you were watching the wedding video, you weren't like, "they're all laughing at my boob!" but congratulations on getting married! and **** those humorless bitches! you and your husband had fun doing it and in the end that's all that matters, especially on your wedding day!

Gives a reason justifying why they might not have laughed, then calls them humorless bitches...