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Today, I started my community service at the dog pound. I like animals so I thought it would be a good place to do it. As I arrived they were throwing dogs that had been euthanized into a dump truck to be taken to a landfill. That was my job for the day. FML
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ikr That doesn't seem like hard work, what are you bitching about?

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Because he loves animals, why would he want to take them to a landfill. FHL...

because they are dead... Why wouldn't you want to remove the dead animals? Do you think it would be a better idea to just to keep them lying around and rotting in the cages?

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No, obviously that wouldn't be better, but it would be better for an unfeeling ass like yourself to have that job than the animal lover who's obviously choked up about it.

Pfft I much rather have the euthanising part of the; dog->dead dog->dumped dog chain.

well some of u guys try and throw a dead dog into a dump truck, seeing it's eyes closed and not feeling a heart beat, wishing u could have done something...

Better than seeing it starve to death out on the street then being torn apart by other feral dogs eh? If people neutered their pets, then it wouldn't come to this.

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I agree with 118. though I do feel op's pain. that would be hard for me to do too, but at least it was done by euthanization.

hmm well then by your argument blackbird we should go into a third world country and slaughter all of the starving children there. it would come to this if people just didn't have sex.

I hate dogs especially ones which are allowed to roam the streets snapping and barking at people . I'm not cruel but there is one dog I can think of which I wouldn't mind if it got put down. In fact, it would be a relief tbh !

no siobahn, now if there were starving children from a third world country running rampant in my neighborhood causing trouble then yes by all means.

euthanasia is murder tho, let's put it that way

Euthanasia is not murder. What an absurd statement. If the dog was sick and suffering, and would die after months of pain, would euthanasia be murder? Yes, it's ABSOLUTELY TRAGIC that friendly, healthy dogs are put to sleep, but I do not, for one second, blame the shelters. The shelters are the only thing keeping those dogs from running the streets, getting hit by cars, starving, or getting torn apart by feral dogs. It's the people who won't neuter their dogs, or who buy cute little puppies from pet shops, where they're from puppy mills, instead of adopting a dog, that are at fault.

I pity people who can't tell the difference between humans and other animals.

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really? because I couldve sworn humans were animals? unless you know something I don't???

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Wow 186, theluckygirl128, I think ur brain is as big as your ****, and ur **** are the size of your egocentricity.

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becoming neutered has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS! being neutered only means that (if you're a dog) you can't get pregnant or other dogs pregnant because dogs just run around having sex with all the dogs! not to mention the fact that all dogs are gay which gas nothing to do with this! :)

266 the reason that dog pounds are forced to put dogs down is that too many are coming in too often to cope with. Those numbers are because of unwanted litters.

obviously not dumb bitch , they could at least dispose of them respectfully instead of throwing them into a dump truck

I guess I might be the only person that thinks this, but I personally don't feel that we always have the right to put animals down. Maybe in cases of suffering, but then again, I couldn't imagine doing that to a suffering cancer patient. Most people would continue fighting to live, and since we can't communicate with animals, we don't know what they're going through. In my opinion, euthanizing a healthy animal is murder.

ITS NOT ABOUT THEM BEING EQUAL. Some humans are dumber than others, and some are incapable of doing thing, but do we just give up on them? No. Thinking you are above everything is the mindset of a sociopath.

Do people who have terminal, painful diseases get killed off?

I watched my dog get euthanized. I watched life fade away from him. After that I lay on his lifeless body for a moment wishing he would come back. Y'all posting heartless comments don't know what the **** it's like to see your favorite animal die.

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my blind grandmother sees what she did there

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Dear Reader, Please direct your attention towards my pun. Admittedly I do think it's clever, but I think that you think so highly of me, that I want you to know that I would never resort to using such a commonplace literary device in my prose. Therefore, I would like to formally renounce my attempt at humor and assure you that I am above making puns as a writer, as a pupil of language, and as citizen of Earth. Ho ho ho! Laugh it up, dickwad. People who point out their puns should be put to sleep (gassed). +3 Lore skill to whoever can tell me the source.

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maddox. and he is great. unlike you. ass douch.

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That's copy&paste material for future use, right there. To bad I'm using an iTouch.

This is our own fault. Until we learn to spay/neuter our pets, this will be the result.

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Yep and if we just gave every guy a vasectemy then there would be no orphanges. Dipshit

I could not do that!!!!!!:*( I would be crying at all of the dogs that people should've tried to save!

37 - Calm yourself. They can write whatever comment they want. They are breaking no rules.

Calm down. I'm tired of hearing the exact same words over and over but it's true.It is terrible. To OP: That is really awful and depressing that you had to do that. Why are so many people putting YDI?

Wow. The best you could come up with is emo? Asshole.

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113- "Emo" is a genre of music. Also, it is short for "emotional" (or so I have heard), which, apparently, you are very much so.

154 - "Emo" can also be used to describe a person who looks a certain way (i.e. stereotypically, black, asymmetrical hair; black eyeliner; into whiny bands; wrist-slitting is a common practice). These stereotypes in no way cover all descriptions of "emo", but they are the most common.

Sadly its also used to make fun of people who have a depression problem.

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154, Ok, then a better word for you and mr.naked would be "Goth?" Your hair is colorful but I dont think you'll make friends like that. You emotastic asshole.

LOL @ associating emos with having a depression problem. They're middle class kids who need to feel slightly rebellious against mommy and daddy so they subscribe to the corporate image marketed to them. The are the epitome of failure.

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185 really and what are you? regular? shit, your not regular nobody is...,

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that's not really him dumbshit! that's a picture from google from a famous male model! don't be fooled and trust me I know my models definitely when it comes to the emo ones!

wow, how about you shut the **** up?

that's cruel. Do we kill off orphaned kids because nobody took them within x amount of days? NO. this is just wrong wrong wrong, and im sorry you had to see that OP.

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No. We do not, but it would make for some some population control

even if this is terrible, PLEASE do not compare children to dogs...

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Why not? They're both animals and living things, bro.

I don't want to start an endless thread but animals do not have consciousness of self like children do. I mean it's still awful like I said before but you can't compare children with dogs, that's childish and useless. we don't eat humans do we? but why do most of us (including me) eat meat? it's not like meat grows on trees, right?

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What was the point of that last statement? Most animals are not cannibals.

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It's not childish to compare a living thing to another living thing. The whole conscious thing we people have will just be the death of us either way. I simply hate it when people are like "Oh, it's an animal, it doesn't matter if we kill it or not, because they have no feelings!" Seriously, people are the ones that need to be killed off; we're seriously just gonna overpopulate. Yes, some people eat other people. It's called cannibalism. Which I don't see what has to do with anything, animals aren't usually cannibalistic.

Roxxay: animals are self aware. The only difference between humans and dogs is a couple of million years of evolving to fit different niches.

@Roxxay What proof do you have that animals don't have consciousness of self the way children do?

Honestly to compare a child to a dog is stupid. when the child grows older will they most likely be able to support themselves with a job? yes. Dogs on the other hand will not be able to support themselves and will just probably end up dying on the street from starvation therefore to euthanize dogs can in no way be compared to euthanizing children.

48 - I was taught the same thing in my Psychology class. Animals are obviously very different from humans and can't comprehend like us. They don't think, "Oh, I'm a dog and my owner is a human. I can't speak, but they can. I'm 11 years old in their world, but 450 in my world. My name is Spot, but theirs is Jake." They can't understand the same things we do, but they're still conscious beings with personalities and a functioning brain. Just because they're different from us does not give anyone the right to kill them and dump them in a landfill... I find that just wrong. I understand why they do it, but I don't agree with it.

39 - The point was that if humans and animals are equal, why do we not eat humans while we do eat other meat? I don't know who is going around downvoting Roxxay's comments on dogs not being comparable to children, but whoever you are, you're an idiot. How'd you like it if your own parents thought you were no better than a dog? (By the way, I am a dog lover, and I do believe euthanizing unadopted animals is horrid. But putting these animals on an equal social status with children is stupid.)

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Dogs are not just brainless animals who eat what they want, when my grandfather passed away he had no one with him except his German Shepard and the dog had no way to get to food for three days while my grandfather was dead and when they found my grandfather the dog was sitting there waiting for him to wake up.

92 - No one said they're brainless. They're just not intellectually at par with humans.

Have none of you seen the movie Hachi? ****. Dogs may not be able to comprehend things to the same extent, but they most certainly have the same feelings we do.

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83, you just pull information out of your ass, don't you?

i don't get it, no one gives a shit that we kill thousands of pigs a day because we like bacon, but everyone gets pissy when it's a dog. (btw, pigs are one of the smartest animals)

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I agree that comparing killing children to killing animals is stupid and childish. Even if they're both living, most people don't treat animals in the same way as humans. Dogs don't eat off of tables, they don't bathe every day, etc. It's not cruel to euthanize dogs (or any animal, for that matter) if they've been in the pound and there's no more room or if they're ill/injured. There's a good chance that the animal would suffer in either situation. Is it sad? Yes. But it's not the same as it is for children. Children have a better chance at a better life than animals do, and unlike an animal, they can eventually leave no matter what. I don't hate dogs or any animals, just for the record. I love them, but this is just what I find to be the most logical side of the argument. As for the OP's job, that really does suck. FYL.

Actually as a clinical psychologist I can tell you that there is just as much evidence that dogs have an "ego" as you as a human does. The idea of cognitive or emotional processing (cogito??) is very difficult to prove definitively outside the perception experience yet recently a dog was proven to recognise over 1000 words. Much research also exists that dogs and other species actually supersede humans in using sensory information such as barometric shifts, etc. it would appear to be the height of species arrogance and ignorance to assume or state that one species is more sentient than another without any form of empirical evidence whatsoever.

125 - Recognize over 1000 words? From what I know, they don't actually understand words themselves but the intonations and inflections in your voice while you say them. My dog will sit on command, but I need to have the right tone in order for him to understand and actually sit. Otherwise, he'll look at me as if I'm crazy and go off to do something else.

did you know pigs have the average intelligence of a 5 year old child? dogs also have this level of intelligence as well. just wanted to clear that up :3 p.s I'm an animal lover, that experience would leave me emotionally devastated, hence the FML. sorry if you don't get it, it just depends on your experience with dogs I guess, I still miss the dog I grew up with, he died 4 months ago D:

I still miss my dog that died years ago. She was a great pet and my best friend. I was really sad to see her go. The difference is, if I even think about losing one of my children, I feel nauseated. Fuck it. I don't even feel like typing the rest of this comment because I'm thinking about it now.

self righteous speculating about how an animal feels doesn't make you right.

try saying that dogs can't compare to children to someone who thinks of their dog as a child. you can't just tell them "dogs can't feel" and expect them to just submit to your biased view.

62 - Really? So you are all for killing mentally challenged children because they won't get jobs and contribute? Some dogs do get employed. K9 units being an awesome example. Science has proven they have the capacity of a 4 year old child.

It was believed that dogs only understood word inflection or intonation yet this 1000+ word dog experiment was conducted with object identification and is a replication of other studies completed by psychology departments across the world. We believed dogs only understood how words were spoken rather than words but we assumed too much. We were wrong.

gosh people, do we seriously have to go into all this detail? i mean really, r u guys 45 year olds tryin to get jobs cause ur unemployed atm? im not sayin, im just sayin...

Awww mr lemon did the grown ups having a bit of adult discourse hurt your widdle brain and make you make a puckered sour lemon face? Somebody needs a hug.

actully- that's kind of the point with abortion. people DO kill unwanted children and throw them away into a trashcan. I think both situations are horrific and they make me feel heartbroken for the babies and the animals. I wish I could save them all.

225 - I agree that abortion is horrible, but I still accept it in certain situations. I myself have never had one, and hopefully will never have to go through that. But if I had been raped, for example, and became pregnant because of that, I wouldn't want to bring that child into this world knowing where it came from and such. It would be a constant reminder of a potentially scarring situation... I don't know. It's sort of a sticky topic which is why I ask your opinion on that part of it. I also wouldn't want to bring a child into the world knowing it would be in pain for the rest of his or her life (totally different situation than a rape child) but I still don't know what I'd do in that situation. I'd feel horrible for letting him or her live knowing full well they're hurting and I can't fix it, but I'd feel even worse for not letting it have the chance to live. I am rambling; I need my coffee.

Quick hint: humans are responsible for the survival of our own species, not every species out there. The lesser animals should watch out for themselves.

While I'll be one of the last to try to say that there's anything wrong with canine euthanasia (other than the fact that there are as many dogs needing it as there are on account of people not spaying/neutering their pet), we did kinda get canis lupus familiaris into being more or less dependent on us, so it'd be pretty irresponsible to say that they need to survive for themselves. Doubly so since we're not in such danger that we can't take care of them.

idk if 239 was joking about humans being responsible for taking care of their own species but they don't need to ruin the whole world to do so. If any species needs to die out it's humans, I don't see any others doing as much damage as we are. I don't see how people became so self absorbed and inconsiderate, or came to think were better than every other living thing. it's sad the dogs were killed and I understand why it happens but they don't need to be put down (as in insulted) and said how inferior they are to humans.

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Roxxay, there are plenty of people who study animals who have found that some dog breeds produce many dogs within that breed that have an intelligence similar to a toddler, not just even a few dogs randomly. Just because they are physiologically different doesn't mean they don't have feelings, haven't you ever seen a dog really happy to see its owner? Or scared of an abusive owner? Or angry at things someone might do like taunting it? Dogs are living things with a brain that enables them to comprehend our language, how do you think dog training works? That puts them pretty near children in the way you seem to be saying, they just can't speak because they are built different. (And btw, I had a friend who taught her dog to say(or bark if that enables you to understand better) "I love you" when she told it to. Everyone who heard it was shocked that it sounded so clear)

no but some people think it's okay to kill children before they're born.

emmanizzer 6

yes ok let's not bring abortion into this. that's a completely different topic.

MyPupRox 2

thats ridiculous, to all the shitheads that r wondering, we eat meat becuz we're at the top of the food chain, dogs dnt have the inteligence to "eat us" the same way they dnt have it to log onto a computer nd go on for stupid debates, that dusnt mean we r superior, all gods creatures r equal so stfu

You are just... I'm not even going to say..

brocho 26

Children are assholes and are overpopulating the earth. As far as I'm concerned, dogs are much more worth saving than those little brats.

FYLDeep 25

I think euthanizing animals no one wants is the primary job of dog pounds. That's why you should listen to Bob Barker.

it is like that. there is not enough places to keep the animals and only the pretty ones get to go for adoption while the rest will be put to sleep.

guckylynn 19

Except I've never heard of dogs going to a landfill... They're always cremated, it's less of a health risk, even in a landfill.

not everywhere can afford cremating, like where I live for example.

darklight549 2

That just makes me sick.....Im so sorry OP :(

Volunteer at a no kill shelter instead. Better cause to support and no dead animals. I do.

It's not necessarily a better cause. What about the tens of thousands of dogs that end up at the local animal control? They have a low chance of being adopted, having a comfortable run to stay in, or receiving walks. They are the ones that need our help the most. Don't litter, neuter your critter!

Community service. Not volunteering. He probably can't change where he is.

96 - IME, you can change where you volunteer as well as where you do your community service. I assume OP is high school age... meaning they only have to earn 40 hours (or something like that) at as many pre-approved places as they wish.

TheDrifter 23

Or its a criminal sentence and op doesn't have a choice.

Either could be true; we don't know. I was just offering another POV since people seem to think automatically that OP is a criminal. "I like animals so I thought it would be a good place to do it." -Doesn't this tell you they chose the place?