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Eau de toilette?

like most guys, he has probably used a public restroom at some point.


So, how does he know?

like most guys, he has probably used a public restroom at some point.

doesn't that piss you off

did he try peeing on you? Is your fiancé R Kelly?

urinal cakes smell like perfume?

no, her perfume smells like urinal cakes

Anyone else get hungry hearing the words urinal cakes? To me it reminds me of an yellow yummy sponge cake. With vanilla whip cream in the middle and butter icing on top. Mmmm with some raspberry sauce drizzled over it.

Dammit, now I never want to eat cake again. Thanks a lot...

#43 lol you're gross.

At least he said it was the perfume and not you yourself...?

no at least he was honest, he could have said nothing and let her walk around smelling like that

He also could've found a nicer way to say it.

he did find a nicer way, he said urinal cake instead of telling her that it smells like a men's bathroom

that's a comfortable smell to some. always a silver lining right?

At least he was honest..

Yeah she kinda said it like she was mad he told her. Bet if someone else told her, she would've asked her "loving" fiance why he didn't tell her. Poor guy probably just can't win. Almost made me hit YDI. Be grateful, OP. Honestly, it sounds like dear fiance's life sucks if he tells you something to help you out and you just complain about it.

I don't think she was mad at him but mad at having bought bad perfume. That stuff can be expensive, so it'd be upsetting to be told that it smells like urinal cake.

Eau de toilette?

Aww urine love

good thing he told you! Otherwise you'd be walking around smelling like a pee hole!

I was thinking the same thing! Id want to know rather than smelling.

I think it actually was just a bad joke. Or the perfume is so good that he doesn't want her to wear it because it turns too many noses around. In a good way.

Some scents just don't work. For example, Axe body spray.

Well they must smell good if they're used as a deodorant for urinals

Not necessarily.. I've smelled some where I'm not sure which is worse, the cake or the pee.