By SwimminginSweat - 27/02/2012 05:12 - United States

Today, during a slow dance, my date wrapped his arms around my waist. Right as I touched his neck he says, "Sorry, I'm slightly sweaty." He wasn't lying. For the longest two minutes of my life I was swimming in his sweat. FML
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That probably means he likes you so much that you make him nervous. I'd be flattered, but


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haha yeah I saw what they did there too!! :) ^^

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I had a bf who naturally is sweaty. I use to think this is the most disgusting experience ever whenever he came close with all his sweat but I adapt because I can't change who he is and if I'm gonna go out with then I'll take the good and the bad.

Imagine how much he will sweat when he has sex with her

puppypuncher 5

That probably means he likes you so much that you make him nervous. I'd be flattered, but

puppypuncher 5

***but I would have told him that he should cool himself down instead of staying silent. Apologies for the cut off

No 7 it's ok you had me going, so suspenseful :)

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Don't you mean udders? Unless cows and otters have some sort of secret relationship I don't know about.

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I'm confused with this cow talk

It's the worst!! And you feel bad if u say anything about it!! And it's even worse when it smells!!

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You seem overly excited there !!!!!

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Oh my god!!! You don't say?!!?!? Sweat can be like so totally nastyy!!!! Omg and it's so bad when it smells!!! Like OMG!! Anyways, I find it amusing that you spelled you right the first time but not the second time.

What you need is a sexy lifeguard to come rescue you.

Pammy Anderson is on her way. *slo-mo scene of running on beach

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don't be upset. he was just nervous cause he was with a girl who was so pretty

but he was lying he said he was slightly sweaty its sounds like soaked sweaty

Melinie 7

Don't forget your swim suit for when you guys have sex...

if you break out a swimsuit for sex, that's a whole 'nother problem

means he likes you. turn that frown upside down

Some people are just naturally extra sweaty, nothing you can do about it really. I have to laugh at people that complain about it, the person sweating has as much control over their sweating as you do...

peachesncreem 21

My bestfriend had a sweat gland removed from her armpit I think it was. Seemed extreme to me but I guess it bothered her that much she was willing to pay to have it taken out.

For some people it happens during sex (naturally). Should they stop because it's "disgusting"?