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Today, my girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to help me get over the fear of my upcoming rectal exam by surprising me with one of her own halfway through our lovemaking. FML
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Sounds like my kinda thing :)

Dude, SHUT UP! it's not a shitty situation. Bitch.

That's so strange how it says you're banned #1...

If I hear another joke like "shitty situation" I am going to snap. It stopped being amusing about 20 FMLs ago

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You like getting things stuck up your brownie button?

The jokes on her when her finger comes out poopstained.

The jokes on her when her finger comes out poopstained.

tacovender 7

Nothing says "I love you" like a finger in the arse

She was trying to make it fun for both of you OP

take it like a man and stop complaining on fml...

So your girl stepped it up and got intimate with your prostrate, and this is supposed to be an FML??? GFY!!!

n_epic_fail 14

your girlfriend must read Cosmo.

didn't you realize what was happening when she put her strap-on on? There's only two places it can go afterall!

i approve of this. and, honestly, you probably do, too.

A tip for all women tempted to do this: ask first.

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Nothing like a little "rear intrusion" to set the mood...right? Right.

"The Shocker" Two in the pinky, one in the stinky. Or in this case, just jam all three of them in.

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I don't think his sexlife will ever be the same

imagine when he pops a boner in the dr's office

starryxeyes 2

No unfortunately he did not, he did however gain a new fear: now everytime he goes to have sex, he's going to be paranoid that something is going to be shoved up his ass :-)

I bet he's not going to mention that upcoming vasectomy either.

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She sounds like my kind of girl. ;)

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Did you get a boner from just reading this?

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But most people are not.... As you can see in my profile pic.

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Hey #60! So it says on your profile ((yes ima stalker)) "I'm not very good at getting the negative thumbs"...But I see you are getting better at it! ;D

Dawwwww, what a sweet girlfriend, preparing you for it...

overthelimit 3

i know. at least she cares OP :)

Overthrlimit- you think he said what the bunny on your picture said afterwards?

Then stick your hand up her ass for doing that. Wait nevermind, She would probably enjoy it.

She's pretty anal abt ur exam isnt she? Too soon?

At least she cares a "hole" lot about his exam. I know, I fail.

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^^ You bummed me out with your lack of creativity.

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hahaha. Atleast you know what it's like now.

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That could be bad or good.... Depending

I think that I speak for most straight guys when I say that I would rather not ever know what it feels like.

MerrikBarbarian 9

not many straight guys actually.... any straight guy who has a clue about anatomy knows anal=prostrate stimulation... which a lot enjoy.

'I think that I speak for most straight guys when I say that I would rather not ever know what it feels' Oh boy, you don't know what you're missing. I never understood it: there is a massive hype about having anal sex with a woman (knowing that we don't have a rectum, that it's mostly not fun, but painful...) and not a single person is talking about taking a straight guy anal (whilst they have a rectum and are able to enjoy it deeply). Very strange.

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#120-Women do have a rectum. And some people of both sexes enjoy anal sex because the rectum is so close to the ****** or prostate. Idk where you got that women don't have a rectum from, but that source is mistaken.

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Yeah, but there is a not so secret homophobia that comes with it. Not to say one wouldn't enjoy it, they would just never admit it/talk about it. A bit of education should clear that right up though. At least OP's g/f didn't give him "two thumbs up"! Eh, that sucked :(

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My comment was for 106 btw. FAIL for me.