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  starryxeyes  |  2

No unfortunately he did not, he did however gain a new fear: now everytime he goes to have sex, he's going to be paranoid that something is going to be shoved up his ass :-)

  DjeePee  |  24

'I think that I speak for most straight guys when I say that I would rather not ever know what it feels'

Oh boy, you don't know what you're missing.

I never understood it: there is a massive hype about having anal sex with a woman (knowing that we don't have a rectum, that it's mostly not fun, but painful...) and not a single person is talking about taking a straight guy anal (whilst they have a rectum and are able to enjoy it deeply). Very strange.

  BelleBelle_fml  |  11

#120-Women do have a rectum. And some people of both sexes enjoy anal sex because the rectum is so close to the vagina or prostate. Idk where you got that women don't have a rectum from, but that source is mistaken.

  Trugita  |  0

Yeah, but there is a not so secret homophobia that comes with it. Not to say one wouldn't enjoy it, they would just never admit it/talk about it. A bit of education should clear that right up though.

At least OP's g/f didn't give him "two thumbs up"! Eh, that sucked :(