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Today, while performing a rectal exam on my female patient, I inadvertently said, "Okay, you're going to feel some pleasure now." I meant "pressure". Her husband was in the room. FML
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I bet the husband didn't want to go in there anyway.

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Tell him it was a Freudian slip. Because it was.

That's a * puts on sunglasses * Shitty situation AHHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAA

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*Sigh*.... Who invited that guy^^^

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My question is, why was the husband there for a rectal exam?

And then you found a coke bottle in there.

I'm sorry for the pun I couldn't stop myself it's a infectious disease :(

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Surprise butt-sex!! And during a rectal exam, who would have guessed?

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79- That sounds like the plot of a cheap porno. Wife goes for rectal exam, husband comes to watch but ends up doing more then just that...

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grammer Notzee!!! lol I know how to spell Nazi and grammar I'm just mocking you, because I love being an ass.. xD

Rectal exams aren't pleasant, I've had one before

73 - I thought bastard posted this at first.

Honestly, I think people correct grammar because they aren't intelligent enough to contribute to the conversation.

Freudian slip: when you say one thing and mean your mother.

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211- it's been said quite a few times now. Find some new material.

Yeah. I agree that the fruedian slip comment gets old after a million times but it was actually a comment to the other person who had already said it. A bad joke because the "your mother" part would be a slip. Hee hee ha ha. Ill shut up now and stop posting things others have said. Sorry. Just thought it was funny /:)

Everything involving a doctor's visit seems like a porno. I hate you Brazzers!

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I would marry you for this comment on this fml alone

Calm down old top... Wait and she will come to you :D

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Haha I love the word giggity. (: I get to marry her

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106 you made me damn near roll outta my seat in laughter And 16 Yeah cuz it's not Like she's really hot alone anyways ;) Haha

I love how that other chick is trying to steal 2's attention...

@2 you like a prettier version of amy lee from evanescence.

Darn, first enonymous, now you? Is there no room for the muffin? :(

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There's always room in polygamy.

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Miss_Kristen, may I have your hand in marriage?

Did he then pleasure you with a rectal exam of his own?

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If both of your hands weren't on her waist you should be fine.

just say sorry and say what u ment..if he laughs it off fine if not just do ur job

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Do the job and give her some pleasure ;)

Reminds me of the scrubs moment when Elliot does the pelvic exam

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