By Anonymous - 25/10/2014 02:48 - United States - Gainesboro

Today, I was making love to my boyfriend. In the heat of the moment, I said his name. He immediately stopped, gave me a deadly serious look and said "Huh? What?" FML
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The only reason I suppose for him to react like that was if you said his full name and if said full name was "Ben Dover".

Maybe you said a wrong name or pronounced it wrong..


I have an irrational hatred towards you... Actually it's completely rational.

Maybe you said a wrong name or pronounced it wrong..

I read this as if he was waiting for her to add to it, not just say his name.

JMichael 25

That's what I'm thinking is he thought she was gonna say more.

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I read it as he stopped and asked her "what" in response to her saying his name like you would if someone called your name from the next room. When I first started dating my husband he did this. He stopped and he just said "what?" casually as if I needed to stop and have a conversation right at that moment... and for some reason he was totally fine with that ಠ_ಠ

I'm just hoping he is really hot... Cause that kid isn't gunna go to college...

I never have. it seems odd to me. idk, though, to each their own.

He probably just did not understand what you said

You normally don't scream his name. Try telling out dogs name next time. Or better yet have a pet name for use in sex

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Cosmo Sex Tips: Wanna spice things up in the bedroom? In the heat of the moment try calling your boyfriend by his dog's name. It's hot. trust us. just do it you fuckign piece of s

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^ yes, do this, all while eating a donut from off of his penis. I can already see the shady website ads... "PROSTITUTES HATE HER FOR KNOWING THIS ONE WEIRD TRICK"

#33 I started laughing so hard I cried after reading this :')

Ok first part question? Then joking about pets name. Then suggestion have a name you call him during sex so he doesn't stop. My mind goes million miles so unclear

tantanpanda 26

lol the amount of dislikes is exactly 69 at the moment

Next time ask him "Who's your daddy?" and see his reaction. If it's you, there might be a problem.