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Today, after years of faking pleasure with my boyfriend, I visited the gynaecologist. As soon as she touched my privates I instinctively let out a fake moan. FML
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YDI for faking with your boyfriend.

Why fake pleasure? Why not try to teach your boyfriend how to pleasure you, instead of trucking him into thinking he's doing ok. Kind of defeats the purpose for sex.


YDI for faking with your boyfriend.

Indeed. Let him learn to pleasure you and you both will enjoy it much more.

I'm going to agree. OP I hope you read this: Your bf will never find out what you like if you constantly fake it. your sex life will always be devoid of pleasure and that's no way to go through life. Stop being a bitch and faking it.

apparently calling someone a b* isn't acceptable. wow. I assumed it was with how many people do it

What the hell are you banging on about 22?

Iknoweverything 29

I agree! Faking ruins it for the next person, because now this guy has an ego the size of a blimp, and believes he knows it all! (And may not listen to the next woman) Not to mention, if you've been doing it for YEARS... it obviously ruined it for you too?

People are different. So she fakes it, who doesn't?

I'm sorry, lets not generalize that. I have never faked one because I have no problem explaining what's right or wrong for me.. Everyone should learn to communicate. And by that I don't mean to say that op deserves it, she can do whatever she wants with her life.

Yes, she can do what she wants. However she deserves the consequences of the choices she has made, good or bad.

Faking pleasure? Wtf? We all know what sex is. The guy goes in and out and the girl moans in pleasure. Why fake it?

Neyuu 18

91 - not all girls get off from just "going in and out"

Don't forget the clit!

I really hope that was a badly executed sarcastic joke... If not, I feel really badly for your girlfriend.

tickle it and your lady will have a fit ;)

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130- she shouldn't fake orgasms in the first place. She should guide her boyfriend into what is pleasurable for her. He will never give her a real orgasm if she doesn't communicate with him.

Is not that bug of a deal!!

her faking it makes the guy think he is great but really sucks. she should let him learn and get better show him what she likes and all that faking it is just pathetic.

Gynecologists are used to it. It has to be almost impossible to make one of them uncomfortable.

summerguy97 16

I wish I had a vagina to accept that challenge.

You've already won the challenge. They're gynecologists, so just show them a messed up penis instead.

Challenge accepted

Maybe not having a vagina and booking an appointment with an OBGYN is the way to make them uncomfortable. Haha go in "convinced" you're pregnant.

LOL this would be hilarious

Why fake pleasure? Why not try to teach your boyfriend how to pleasure you, instead of trucking him into thinking he's doing ok. Kind of defeats the purpose for sex.

Yes, thank you. I never really understood faking...

I don't get faking either. Wouldn't you want your boyfriend to be able to pleasure you? All faking does is upset your boyfriend (if/when he finds out) and makes you miserable (because you aren't really enjoying it).

I never faked and I will never fake. If the sex isn't that awesome, then he'll now. Fair is fair.

MaydayParadexx 18

I'm pretty sure it wasn't because OP's boyfriend couldn't please her. It sounds like she had something wrong, which is why she went to the gynecologist.

88, she could have been there for just a check up, but if there was something more serious like always having pain with sex etc, she definitely should have been upfront with her boyfriend about that instead of faking.

Sexually active women have regular appointments with their gynecologists. It's healthy. I'd suggest booking an appointment ( since you didn't know) unless of course you're too young for sex, in which case why are you participating in this clearly adult conversation?...

Well technically the purpose of sex is make babies... But, Y'know, whatevs

ks23 9

At least she thinks she has a satisfied patient

ks23 9

At least she thinks she has a satisfied patient

its things like this that makes a guy look else where for pleasure and a girl who is up to make things better if he sucks

Yeah, because cheating on someone instead of confronting them and talking about your unsatisfying sex life is totally the way to go.

I only know two things about you. Your user name is "fatmcfatty", and you think cheating is excusable. Yeah, I don't think I'll be taking advice from you any time soon.

That made me cringe with embarrassment. I can't imagine how OP must have felt.

Threnody666 19

I usually don't give these out a lot, but you 100% deserve it.

No she doesn't! How could she know that faking it during sex would make her moan by accident at the gynecologist's office??????

@131, are you from another planet?

Don't fake pleasure. Instead, teach your bf how to pleasure you, because well, sex is supposed to pleasure you. Right?

I don't feel comfortable taking advise from David Tenant. It feels weird.

Sex advice from David Tennant is the best advice.

afallingstar 22

After all he is the Doctor

I read that in DT's voice o.o. that was disturbing...

olpally 32

Can we tell your BF that you're a faker? That's a bitch move right there. What's the point of sex if you know you're not fully into it? YDI.

Some guys don't give a flying hoot whether you're into it or not, just as long as they're having it. Just saying.

TheDrifter 23

Don't give a hoot whether she's into it? Don't we usually call that kind of man a sex offender?

But then why should she let him think she enjoys it? If he doesn't care for her; she shouldn't care for his self-esteem either.

#12 Agreed. I feel sorry for the bf. What the hell is the point of having sex if you're not into it? OP, You should've told your man about this long ago.

RedPillSucks 31

If OP is having sex with someone who doesn't care about her feelings/pleasure, then they're both doing it wrong.

At this point I would like to interject at say what if he does care about her feelings, and she cares about his, and that's why she fakes it? What if it's that she's just plain not into sex, but he has needs. She loves him so to make him feel good she pretends to be into it so that he will behappy

Because if he knew she wasn't into it, he wouldn't want to do it, but that wouldn't change that hormone flow. Perhaps she didn't want to make him use his hand all the time and isn't into oral. Had to continue in a second one because I wasn't allowed more than three sentences.

olpally 32

I wonder what else she has been faking for all these years... That's shitty.

Guys, it's honestly that big of a deal that she faked it. Some of you are saying that faking it means they don't care about eachothers feelings and should break up..... Honestly..... Can you not hear yourselves?????????!!!!!!!

olpally 32

132, it feels like she's not into me anymore and I would feel inadequate if I were op's bf. I'd like to have some confidence that I'm making her feel good as opposed to her just faking it and lying to me about it. I'd rather have her tell me what to do to make it better than fake it. That's extremely harsh what op is doing. Communication is key.