By Anonymous / Thursday 25 August 2011 18:07 / United States
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  minisquid  |  9

I have a solution for OP. Go to Home Depot, buy a bag of sand and an inflatable pool, and presto. Instant vacation!!! Then, go buy a bottle of Jack to drown your feelings of depression in.

By  gTOtheT  |  7

Sorry that must suck... Just be thankful you aren't in the middle of a hurricane tho... That would be worse trust me I was stuck in hurricane Katrina and it destroyed my house and some of my friends had to leave forever here in south Mississippi :(

  sxe_beast  |  11

Maybe you should find a home in a part of the country not constantly plagued by natural disasters?!?!!?

Except for really crappy winters Cleveland is a fairly natural disaster free city. Although it does suck. Milwaukee, Phoenix, Colorado Springs, Minneapolis..