By Anonymous - 25/08/2011 18:07 - United States

Today, I finally put the finishing touches on my first vacation in over two years, due to my hellish work schedule. The Governor essentially just vetoed my vacation with evacuation orders. Thanks, Hurricane Irene. FML
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JurassicHole 5

Hey better safe than possibly killed by hurricane, right? Still that sucks.


that sucks. Hurricane Irene is ******* up all my plans for this weekend. first an earthquake and now a hurricane.

coffeygirl12 14

Earthquake, hurricane, what's next? A freaking volcano?

Perfect time to book a windsurfing trip.

sxe_beast 11

Our summer home is going to get pummeled =C.

monkeys1315 0

It could be worse. You could be like me, directly in the path of said hurricane.

coffeygirl12 14

Actually I am directly in said hurricane's path. We were in the purple zone on the weather channel. Not green, not red, not blue. Purple.

lol i needs u irene come baccckkk

elaney2530 0

oh yea ancestress it is following me Bak to Connecticut.great. I get to do it all again!!!

fakeaccountX 6

She says you're welcome.

How can we bring Irene to the states?!?! Bush is still looking for Katrina!

^He's pimping. Irene is just his bottom bitch.

That's just silly 47.

sky22_fml 7

Well apparently she has a dark side!

n_epic_fail 14

who needs some expensive. vacation?!! stock up on some beer and and tune in to a "Jersey Shore" marathon... wait no that's hell.

xoconnie 8

it was a 3 day vacation......? thats just lame. its supposed to be sunny again starting monday..

flurple the purple.

melanie177 1


JurassicHole 5

Hey better safe than possibly killed by hurricane, right? Still that sucks.

Takador 3

Irene hit us first, i was left two days without electricity >:[

anlhawks 5

yeh. boo hoo op. your life sucks wayy worse than the actual hurricane victims, doesnt it?

I have a solution for OP. Go to Home Depot, buy a bag of sand and an inflatable pool, and presto. Instant vacation!!! Then, go buy a bottle of Jack to drown your feelings of depression in.

crazyrunnergirl 7

I'm sorry :-/ on the bright side it missed my homestate Florida

Florida's turn was in '99 :(

tubagal 0

Floridas turn was in 2004!

Ok let's just say Florida has been ****** up the ass by storms a few times.

^^ this is true..haha.

TylerOMFG 7

Damn, I was looking forward to missing school today haha, but I heard it's going to NC right?

crazyrunnergirl 7

I know I wanted to miss school to :/ and ya

ters19 10

That really really blows

Haha i see what you did there

That would be funny if 1 hadnt already used it.

saIty 17

Build your own vacation. All you need are sand, beach chair, Doritos, Coke, and all the episodes of Friends.

iafkrofl 0

sand in the living room? epic win.

This sounds like a commercial

No, all you need is a Corona.

Llamassss 21

Only if you mean the white, powdery coke. THEN it's a vacation.

All you need is an Xbox.

I don't feel bad for you I have never been on a vacation in my adult life. Count your blessings.

Never had a vacation?Dude Fuck your life.

^ goobian is a girl

Faaacccckkkk yeeewwww hurrriiccaane ireeene! and faccckkk uuu dollpheeeen.

kickazz16 15

Jerk much?

BelleBelle_fml 11

What the ****?! I feel like my eyes were just raped by being subjected to this shit you call a comment.

gTOtheT 7

Sorry that must suck... Just be thankful you aren't in the middle of a hurricane tho... That would be worse trust me I was stuck in hurricane Katrina and it destroyed my house and some of my friends had to leave forever here in south Mississippi :(

that's so depressing, I'm sorry. /:

I'm from southern Mississippi too and Katrina was awful but now I live in north carolina and Irene is coming it's like I can't get away from them

sxe_beast 11

Maybe you should find a home in a part of the country not constantly plagued by natural disasters?!?!!? Except for really crappy winters Cleveland is a fairly natural disaster free city. Although it does suck. Milwaukee, Phoenix, Colorado Springs, Minneapolis..

emmanizzer 6

Yep. Phoenix. It's hot but we get no natural disasters at all. Well, unless you consider dust storms natural disasters....

Well earthquake and now hurricane... Maybe someone wants you to stay home