By Anonymous - 25/01/2011 00:30 - United States

Today, my boyfriend had to give me an enema. FML
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How romantic. Maybe tonight you can return the favour.

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"Cumming in your backside" does not equal "enema".


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How romantic. Maybe tonight you can return the favour.

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I hope it's Dairy Queen since I worked at one

littlemissdqgirl 8

Yep:) dairy queen. Work there for 4yrs and still love the food

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mmmmh dairy queen!! I've been stuck in Fairbanks Alaska for three years!! haven't had dairy queen since I got here!!

erikaa1123 4

I live in Alaska too! I wish we had better places here.

there's a dairy queen in 3 locations in Alaska. not to hard to find.

you know ak is like freakin huge right? and i lived there and all three dq's are like 6-8 hours away from fairbanks

FYLDeep 25

"Cumming in your backside" does not equal "enema".

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Oh FYLdeep, how I've missed you and your comments so very much. Will you have my babies please. *faints if you say yes.*

You had a boner for 4 hours and you didn't do anything about it?

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It's an idiot asking for definitions when they can just Google it and spend 1/50 of the time.

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i agree:D thank youuu alllll for bring comical:D ;*

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hey #92 your picture made my penis shink 3 inches

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My icon gives everyone boners. Yes, even women.

#112 has the best reply to a comment ever.

you've never heard of a 'wine float' then now have you.

daaron 3

that's sick unless it's a medical condition

why the hell else would she need one.? most likely not for pleasure. enema's are also used for blocked bowels.

TheOmen46 1

most likely for the boyfriend to have anal sex with her