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Today, at my job in a chemists, I had a customer ask me which acne cream I would recommend. I picked up the brand I use and told her that I've been using it for a year now. After pausing to stare at my face for a second, she thanked me and picked up the competing brand instead. FML
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agree to #3. Your skin gets used to it and it stops working, thats why you have to frequently change acne medicines. And i feel for you, i have horrible acne and i know its nobody's fault and sometimes you just cant beat it. And for all of you who are going to comment saying that its his fault for having acne YOUR WRONG. On a lot of people no medicine can get their acne away. I was my face 3 times a day with some of the most expensive acne medicine in the US and it barely works. Ive used proactiv, cleannclear, and abogi. None of them worked that well


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OP: I know it seems like a good idea to say "I use it and it works!" to seal a deal, but it doesn't work in some this one for example.

op you should look at yourself before satin that. ydi.

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u shouldnt use the same creams for more than three months, ur skin becomes used to it and it stops working. some chemist u are.

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not true at all. i've been using proactive for several years. it works like a charm, and if i go off it for a week my acne gets worse again.

True, this is only true for certain antibiotics, which nowadays most creams aren't.

What a bitch. btw, #4- she probably hasn't been using the same tube/jar/whatever for the whole year, she probably has bought a new one but used the same BRAND.

Um, she has a point. Acne medication doesn't take a year to work.

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You should have known if u had pimples or not. Fyl thow.

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YDI for endorsing an obviously shitty product. Poor pizza face baawwww

Your a douche. Lots of people have acne and it's usually genetics, and I'm pretty sure most acne creams don't change your genes.

tell that to the girl. op should have realized that if it was genes or not, it dint work, and brought it on herslef.

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Then she shall get a huge rash from that "competing brand". Karmas a bitch.

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why would she get a rash she when she obvisouly didnt want pimpples i mea think about it. If you saw someone who was covered in zits and they told u to use their acne medication what would you say.

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