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Today, I hit a parked car and fled because I was so scared. Four hours later, the cops showed up at my house so I broke down crying confessing everything. Turns out, they weren't there about the car I hit. They were alerting me about the string of burglaries in my neighborhood recently. FML
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  pwnrzero  |  0

who knows?
the op might be posting on here even though the cops said no problem and walked away.
they cant press charges.
no proof as far as i can see.
so, not a fml, but more a ydi

  USMC_Marine  |  0

Haha they have no proof and you just proved it on the Internet worst criminal ever. Have fun with you criminal record.


I'll give you my teeshirt for a grilled cheese.

  USMC_Marine  |  0

Oh you're a girl?! Oh well since most jailwomen are really men

DON'T DROP THE SOAP you stupid drunk drivers with your American made beer.

You make me sick.
That's right feel bad Bitch!


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  Ryu148  |  0

How would I handle it?

Suave? No. But also...running away like a little bitch? No! If I hit a car, I would stay around, exchange insurance information, tell the cops what they need to know, and so on. Its the fucking law, and I obey those things.

  ambear26  |  14

58- you're an idiot how would you feel if someone hit your car and fled the scene. You would have to pay thousands of dollars for that damage and you wouldn't even know who did this to you. It sucks! Stop acting like its okay because it's not the person should at least have the courtesy and respect to stick around and exchange information instead of being a little bitch.