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  Bobissmall  |  13

OP just needs to get a friend of his that she doesn't know to walk by and yell "Fat cow!" so that OP can then say "Yep."

Because calling a guys dick small is the equivalent of calling a girl fat, imo.

  puppypuncher  |  5

138- Too bad that'd backfire. Girls are encouraged to make fun of a man's dick. However, if a guy calls a girl fat as a comeback, everyone will believe he's the worst creature on this earth and deserves to have a broom shoved up his ass sideways. Fuck logic.

  moop256  |  10

You forget there are two possible theories to that one the penis will disappear forever or the person disappear. But since no one has ever survived either we don't know were they go

  flockz  |  19

if there was a drug that made penises bigger then our economy would have zero unemployment, because so many new corporations would sprout up and create hundreds of thousands of jobs, all of them specializing in the creation of cases or pans to safely store your penis so it doesn't drag on the ground. and viagra's founder would be president.

  desireev  |  17

Viagra is for erectile dysfunction. Not a small penis.. You've obviously seen the commercials. The question is do you pay attention to what they're saying?

  aruam365  |  24

Even if your penis is small (Not saying she should have agreed with him aloud.) She's still with you so clearly it's not a big deal to her so although it's something men are sensitive about just shrug it off because you're the one with the girl.

  KingOfAmazing  |  9

92- Please explain to me how we (meat-eating beings) are assholes. I wouldn't call you an asshole if your profile pic was a plate of vegetables. The person with the pic of steak may be proud that he/she is a meat eater. Just as I'm sure you're proud that you're a vegan. I have no problem with people being vegan, but I don't understand why you all freak out when people mention eating meat. Meat eaters don't freak out when people talk about being vegan, so I don't understand what the big deal is.


she could just be saying that to get rid of the kid. anytime someone tries to insult me I just shout "Yep!" or "you bet!" or "you know it"... stuff like that.

  Link5794  |  18

It's not the length of the penis, it's the length of the sex.