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Today, my girlfriend and I were hugging in the hall after school. This annoying kid I know walked by, and yelled, "Tiny penis!" at me. My girlfriend responded, "Yep." FML
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The only thing that made sense in your comment was calling yourself a troll.

hey don't hate. I mean ya gotta love his picture

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I hope you knocked him out OP. Violence isn't the answer but it sure will make u feel better... And the loser shut up.

Okay, yes, I meant to say she must suck instead of that must suck. As to say his girlfriend sucks. Hope you're smart enough to get the extra cheesy pun.

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When she replied she obviously was agreeing that the annoying kid himself had a tiny penis. It's okay op.

OP just needs to get a friend of his that she doesn't know to walk by and yell "Fat cow!" so that OP can then say "Yep." Because calling a guys dick small is the equivalent of calling a girl fat, imo.

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138- Too bad that'd backfire. Girls are encouraged to make fun of a man's dick. However, if a guy calls a girl fat as a comeback, everyone will believe he's the worst creature on this earth and deserves to have a broom shoved up his ass sideways. **** logic.

To bad its Monday in Australia and other countries. Idiot

83 ya Dumb ass they have to be approved first.

I think it is...she had prob lost her virginity to OP

His small penis is incapable of taking virginity. Sorry, OP.

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It doesn't matter how big it is but how well he can put it to work.

Maybe the girlfriend has a gaping never ending black hole of a ****** and his dick just looks small near it

But then he would have fallen in and ended up in some alternate dimension ages ago.

You forget there are two possible theories to that one the penis will disappear forever or the person disappear. But since no one has ever survived either we don't know were they go

How would the annoying kid know about Op's penis....

Yes... because viagra makes you penis bigger.

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3- OP doesn't have erectile dysfunction, just a small dick. Viagra won't do anything except give him a long lasting erection.

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Ohh my bad, I thought it makes them bigger:o

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if there was a drug that made penises bigger then our economy would have zero unemployment, because so many new corporations would sprout up and create hundreds of thousands of jobs, all of them specializing in the creation of cases or pans to safely store your penis so it doesn't drag on the ground. and viagra's founder would be president.

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Viagra is for erectile dysfunction. Not a small penis.. You've obviously seen the commercials. The question is do you pay attention to what they're saying?

Ooh, so that's why that stuff doesn't work.....

If viagra made you dick bigger, I'm sure 70% of the population would be on it.

136 - So women would be taking it too? Men only account for about 50% of the population.

And here I thought it was a given it meant a percentage of the male population. Smh...

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If that was my secret I wouldn't want her to be honest

To all you ladies, making fun of a mans junk is the worst thing you can do to him. It will destroy every fragment of his self esteem.

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Even if your penis is small (Not saying she should have agreed with him aloud.) She's still with you so clearly it's not a big deal to her so although it's something men are sensitive about just shrug it off because you're the one with the girl.

So let me get this straight 92. Because you chose to be vegan, the rest of us that eat meat and what not are assholes?

I get this nagging feeling that 92 was... oh, shit, what's the word... JOKING about the asshole thing...

Hey 92 i'm about to eat a big juicy steak from a cow i savagely butchered with my bare hands

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92- Please explain to me how we (meat-eating beings) are assholes. I wouldn't call you an asshole if your profile pic was a plate of vegetables. The person with the pic of steak may be proud that he/she is a meat eater. Just as I'm sure you're proud that you're a vegan. I have no problem with people being vegan, but I don't understand why you all freak out when people mention eating meat. Meat eaters don't freak out when people talk about being vegan, so I don't understand what the big deal is.

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Agree! As a girl size doesn't matter to me in a guy

as long as he knows how to use it! then the girl won't care

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Girls are going to say size doesn't matter.... But they sure as hell would appreciate a bigger one.

yes just like how as a pathological liar the truth is important to me

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OP should tell them, it's not tiny, it's fun size!

That scenario is one of the few exceptions to the whole small package line.

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Small packages come in tight boxes.

But better things come in bigger packages

My dick is 3 inches..... From the ground!

she could just be saying that to get rid of the kid. anytime someone tries to insult me I just shout "Yep!" or "you bet!" or "you know it"... stuff like that.

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She was probably talking about herself.

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Yeah, but no one ever got to Europe in a dingy.

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Now how would that make sense?

its not the size of your boat, just the motion in the ocean;)

Who the hell is that? That phrase was around much earlier than whoever you speak of.

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It's not the length of the penis, it's the length of the sex.