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Today, I went on a job interview. The interviewer said it all went well, but he can't hire me because I've got a nose piercing, and that type of "image" isn't the kind they're looking for in their employees. This is the guy who had a full sleeve tattoo. FML
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Yeah the image they're going for is "badass" and you didn't quite hit the mark ;(


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#1 Yeah. You didn't deserve it, OP. That guy is a MFing douche.

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I wouldn't say it's necessarily a double standard. Sleeve tattoos are a lot easier to hide than face piercings are, and that may be how the employer determines what's acceptable.

As much it sucks OP, I would have to agree with 36. However, if he was going to discriminate you like that, he should've at least covered up the tattoo.

Not really, I have a nose piercing and when i'm not wearing a ring or a stuff you can't tell at all. Also for OP to know about it the sleeve tattoo must have been visible, which is not professional and clearly displays a double standard. On another note however, I wouldn't wear a nose stud to an interview.

I disagree with 36. Piercings can be removed—tattoos can't. I feel like it was a bullshit way of saying, "We don't want to hire you."

#36 umm you just take the piercing out.. You don't even need to hide it, the interviewer was probably looking for an excuse to just say no.

I have my nose pierced and I have multiple tattoos. it a lot easier for me to hide my rings than my tattoos

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Let's look at what you said... You see, he OBVIOUSLY didn't hide his tattoo because she saw it. And she could always take the nose ring out. If he can have his tattoo showing, there is nothing wrong with her nose ring.

Not if the interviewer wasn't around customers. The tats are easy to cover, long sleeve shirt

This was an interviewer talking. In my experience, interviewers are generally managers/higher-ups that don't constantly interact with consumers. If OP was interviewing for a position in which they would constantly be around customers, that "image" rule makes sense. Even if not, the interviewer is within his rights to dictate those things. For all we know, the interviewer could have gotten his tattoos after landing the position. Who knows. I don't think a nose ring really detracts from any sense of professionalism, but I guess companies can do what they please. Sorry, though, OP!

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At least your dad didn't call you during your interview to tell you he f**ked your mom...

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the "sleeve" could be cultural? Samoan have sleeve tattoos. It's be culturally insensitive / politically incorrect to discriminate against them. Nose piercings, hair dyes, general demeanour? All reasons why they'd say no. Tidy up your image OP - unless it's a tattoo parlour, there's no excuse to have nose piercings. Managers generally get offended by them.

Not really, it is easy to cover up tattoes and it for all we know be tattoes of his birthday or a flag...a nose piercing is harder to cover up. but it just sounded like a shitty excuse

I didn't say it wasn't easy to cover tattoos. I said it's EASIER to remove a piercing, which essentially is just jewelry as opposed to ink-stained skin.

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36- You may be kinda right, but you can't take off sleeve tattoo, while you can take off a nose ring. Not unless the tattoos were fake.

Maybe it's because nose Piercing are removal and op didn't remove it before the interview. The interviewer must has picked up on some attitude. I wouldn't say it's a double standard, because we don't really know what op was applying for.

I wanted to add to this, that if you're not willing to take a piercing out you can also get a retainer, which depending on the placing of the piercing can either be clear or flesh toned. I have a vertical labret and I own a glass retainer to wear to interviews where I feel would be a bit more conservative, however I also have bright blue and pink hair so most places I can apply to won't really care. I also would like to say that the metal you decide to shove in your face does not automatically mean you have an attitude, and society really needs to start learning this. I am no less capable of being mature in a work place while having piercings and dyed hair, than I would be if I had normal colored hair and a clear face. My body modifications are irrelevant.

Personally, I don't understand how people can judge based on that. As long as your tattoos/piercings/hair/whatever aren't cruel, racist, illegal, super offensive, or something they're not actually hurting anyone.

Yeah the image they're going for is "badass" and you didn't quite hit the mark ;(

well clearly they're okay with tattoos and not piercings. simple fix just to take it out though.

Yeah I don't sees why this would even be an issue. She can just take our her nose ring or stud before work. And the nose piercing would have been immediately evident the moment he met her. Why waste both of their time with an interview if it's an automatic disqualification? Sounds to me like he didn't want to tell her the REAL reason he wouldn't hire her.

Sorry. For some reason I assumed OP was female and didn't bother to look at the gender symbol. My bad

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52- him not her. OP is a dude.

It may just be my phone but it says OP is a guy....

Pot: "damn that kettle is black." Kettle: "you do know that's your reflection, and not me, right?"

Pot: "I wants job" Kettle: "Haha. No." Moral? Get a job, then mutilate your body.

Maybe the person who interviewed him is higher up in the company and won't have any actual customer interactions, he'll just be in charge of those who do. And OP could be applying for a role where being with customers is part of the job.

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This guy is a special kind of stupid

6, your comment is a special kind of stupid, but seeing as it set off the chain of events that led to 51's brilliant comment, I can let it slide.

Maybe you need to get an arm full of tattoos to get the job to.

Just because he has an armful of tattoos does not necessarily mean that's why he got the job... There can be so many explanations. Maybe he's a hard worker. Maybe he got the sleeve after he got the job. Getting a sleeve of tattoos would probably do nothing for her (job wise) Oh, and it's too* not to.

I always like when the amateur Rhetoricians get downvoted. Unless it's a big mistake just let it go, no need to be 'that guy/girl'.

I know. I didn't mean to be that big of an asshole. I didn't reread it and after I did and I realized I sounded like a huge dick. My bad xD

Depending on what kind of piercing it is, there may be a reason for it. A sleeve can be covered, some piercings can be removed without being obvious, but gauges are very noticeable even if the ring isn't in.

Do people get gauges in their nose??? Is that a thing?

Yep, and it's actually pretty common but I don't suggest doing it

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@53 imagine trying to blow your nose with something like that

In this situation, it sounds more like a bad excuse not to hire him.

Ugh! And I thought the ear gauges were awful!

I've even seen people with them in their cheeks, what possesses somebody to want to put a hole in their cheeks? how would they drink with out spilling anything?

This comment was all over the place #8.. First of all, most people don't wear "rings" in "gauges" the most common jewelry for stretched ears are plugs and tunnels. Next, there are retainers for all piercings, most small facial piercings have glass retainers. I have one for my vertical labret for interviews. And lastly, there's these really awesome things they have for stretched ears called flesh plugs. They're silicone and come in multiple colors of skin to match your skin tone. If you match it well enough, it's virtually unnoticeable. There's many options for people with body modifications other than removal.

You should have taken the ring out before he even finished...what nose ring?

He should have just not had the ring in for that short time

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But it's not like he knew it was going to be 'unacceptable'

95 - it's simple job interview etiquette. You dress your best for an interview, which means taking out non-conventional piercings that can be seen and making yourself look presentable...

Shoulda mentioned that. It's a valid point