By topfisherman - 05/02/2010 20:17 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I decided to have fun at school. So, we went into the locker room. We were making out for a couple minutes when the door opened. It was the principal, who also happens to be her dad. FML
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"Daddy" probably joined in on the fun... WINcest

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FYL!!! He might have wanted to join in!!!

lol let's hope this isn't his freshman year, or he'll have 4 years of hell

Let's hope it is his freshman year. if he's a senior the principal could tell every college slander about him as revenge. if he's a fs or sophomore he might forget abt this by then

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hmmm, do ya think he knew where to look ? maybe she's "been there, done that" hmmmm ???

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no, we don't know the outcome, so all we can assume is he was just dropping by to make sure they were using a condom.

omg....that mustve been akward...I wonder how daddy acted

Another: I was making out/having sex with my girlfriend/boyfriend, and we got caught by (enter title here) which also happened to be his/her/my dad.

wats up wit the /s?? lol. my/her/his dad? tht doesnt make sense. eithr tht or i dont get it Xp

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Well at least she wasn't giving you a bl@w j@b.

Tell him y'all were fixing to practice safe sex. Or just say, "Well, at least your daughter ain't gay!" :)