By Anonymous - Mexico
  Today, I was walking with and hugging my girlfriend at the same time. I tried to be funny and touched her breast, saying "Boob" in a silly voice. In reply, she slapped me in the crotch, saying "Dick" in the same voice. FML
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oh wow, thats a little bit too much tho. what if you guys jokingly touched your bf's dick and said "dick" then he slaps/punch you saying "face"? how'd you assholes feel? even if it was offensive, i dont think it was enough reason to slap a guy's dick. its funny when a guy's dick is being slapped but it isn't when a girl is experiencing equal pain.

  beeship321  |  5

You all make great points but how I see it is she thought it was unnecessary to grope her especially in public so she was showing him how she interpreted it. Commentor who was talking about pain-she probably didn't try to cause pain but just to make him feel as uncomfortable as she felt

  blankaex  |  0

Well it looks like you just got... Wait for it...
*Puts on sunglasses*

Just had to try that. It's fun, you guys try it too!

  Seddah  |  3

#73, just because a couple is dating does not automatically mean the boyfriend has "unlimited boob access", as you put it. It's her body. If she doesn't want him groping it in public, he deserves a dick slap for not respecting her.

  mitchem  |  3

embarrassment in public is no comparison to the physical pain she inflicted on him. this wasn't an eye for an eye situation, more like an eye for an arm.

  summersizzle  |  0

everyone is oveanalyzing this wayyyyy tooooo much!!
let's remember that this happened in a 10 second time period, the pain she was inflicting was probably the last thing she thought of, just like he probably wasn't thinking of the embarrassment.
he thought it would be funny however idiotic, and she thought it would equally embarrass him/make him uncomfortable.
I doubt they had time to analyze every little bit of everything like we are doing now.

By  perdix  |  29

You two ought to be doing TSA pat-downs at the local airport.

People prefer to be screened by helpful volunteers who aren't wearing those scary uniforms. Give it a go!