By Ear Invasion - 26/01/2013 05:53 - United States - Albuquerque

Today, I made a new friend: the cricket the doctor pulled out of my ear canal. FML
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Did you name him Jiminy??

that little bugger


that little bugger

And after all this time he thought his conscious was just chirping at him. I bet It was bugging him for a long time.

insertnameherr 11

how does one even manage to get a cricket stuck in their ear?

neat magic trick....

Did you name him Jiminy??

Well, Jiminy did think he was a conscience. (: What better way to try and get into the mind of the OP? (:

Well it is a proper cricket name. Oh and always let your conscience be your guide. OP next time make friends with a cat named Figaro. :3

I once saved a cricket from my cat and named him, Cri-kee like the one in Mulan.

Gonna get yourself used to chirp-less nights!

yoursucklives 36

very nice of you to befriend it!

Could have been worse. Could have been a dung beetle.

how???....I don't even.....

Could have crawled up to your brain and ate it.

My grandpa used to pull quarters out of my ears. Maybe your doctor is your grandpa, but he doesn't want to be obvious about it.

Or your grampa was a doctor and you had crickets AND quarters in your ear...

I knew a guy who had a roach crawl in his ear while sleeping. He had to go to the hospital in the middle if the night to remove it. He slept with cotton balls in his ears after that. Traumatized much? Me thinks, yes.

I've had mosquitoes get in my ears before, but I would probably freak the hell out if it was anything else (I freak out enough at the mosquitoes...). Aaaaagh.

I've had a gnat fly up my nose and freaked out because I couldn't find the damn bug! I even blew my nose like crazy trying to get it out! :P

There once was a lady why swallowed a gnat. Why she do dat?

Gawd I hate roaches, those damn little ***** need to find elsewhere to make their homes