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Today, I walked my girlfriend home. As I kissed her goodbye, I heard a high-pitched scream and turned just in time to see her little brother charge head-first into my nuts. All because I kissed her on the cheek. FML
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  fuckpotato  |  12

I'm a fucking girl and I know that getting rammed in the nuts is a huge goddamn deal for dudes. Nothing about doubling over in pain to the point of vomiting is "funny".

  bella_nana347  |  23

I feel like the reaction depends on the age. Some really little boys (5-6) might think that the kissing is wrong and not know that headbutting OP was not a good thing to do. If he's older, then he should know better and its totally okay to be upset. I still don't think that slapping a child is the answer though.


Basing this on height for a kid to charge head first into the average guys crotch he'd have to be around 7-9 unless the angle he did it was terrible.

Either way, why would his kid think kissing is wrong but ramming full force into someone isn't? Also as far as slapping the kid, that really depends on the kids track record. If he does this often or a lot and normal talks aren't working actually feeling something close to what he's dishing out could be a viable option.

My sister was a biter but once my mom but her back after she nearly took a chunk out of me -indents and bruises for a week- she stopped. Most of this is really situational though so I hope we get a op reply.

By  TAntobella  |  14

What a jerk. Hope the family punished him hard.
But let me guess, they had a laugh and justified him saying some irresponsible crap like "kids will be kids".....