By actor my ass - 21/01/2012 22:44 - Canada

Today, trying to be romantic, I invited my girlfriend over to watch a movie. I said she could pick one up on the way, and I'd pay for it later. I ended up having to suffer through some "movie" that involved nothing but Nicolas Cage gurning like a stroke victim between crappy fight scenes. FML
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Torva_fml 16

Oh, you're blonde. I understand, it's all going to be ok.


thatshot808 6

Yea be lucky it wasnt a chick flick

Yeah, Nick Cage is bad in practically every movie he's in. Except for National Treasure

don't you know Nicholas Cage will be in any type of movie?

enonymous 8

I still like how the OP described every Nicholas Cage movie ever made

Sounds like a pile of tripe called Bad Lieutenant. Nicholas Cage really does do anything.

Nicholas cage needs the money though, his accountant phucked him over

nicole86 8
n_epic_fail 14

Watch the movie the girlfriend wants, and you get great sex later...

guyfawke 5

that may be the case, but brunettes remember it the next day

desireev 17

I really liked his movie "Ghost Rider".

X_Codes 11

@55: It's more like... Start watching a movie, and, if it sucks, make out for the rest of it.

Well you did say you would pay for it.

Jakesterk96 8

That's why you pick the movie.

It could be any movie. U dont watch movies with ur girlfriend to watch movies! who pays attention to the movies?

Telling your gf you want to watch a movie and then spend the rest of the movie trying to make out is a good way to piss them off. At least me; if I wanted to make out, I'd pick THAT activity.

Nicolas Cage is one of those actors who puts out a few amazing movies, but the rest of his stuff is garbage.

PeanutButterJam 2

It depends on which Wicker Man. The original Wicker Man was pretty good.

Nicholas Cage was good in Kickass. Good action scenes, and he also dies at the end. :)

uaintgotnostylem 6

(Movie preview guy's voice.) "Nicholas Cage, is Nicholas Cage, in every movie, he's ever been in."

Why can't both of them decide on a movie together next time instead of taking turns?

Priscilla43 2

2-your clueless like other ugly ass blonde xD

Might I suggest you watch Raising Arizona, Trapped In Paradise, The Rock, Face Off. Just to name a few. Wake up dude...

In going to steal the declaration of independence


boredblonde 17

Then you should have stood your ground!

What's the point in that when he already said she could pick it?..

boredblonde 17

He could have left or fell asleep or asked for a different movie

That kinda ruins the whole "romantic" side of the day/night..

Torva_fml 16

Oh, you're blonde. I understand, it's all going to be ok.

boredblonde 17

Yes, because blondes have more fun!:)

AlaskaKid95 7

I'm going to make this easy for you 33. ????????????.

boredblonde 17

They don't really count as insults because these people chose to get all flustered over a comment (which is incredibly funny to watch) AND they don't know a thing about me.

flockz 19

they seem to know you're a blonde.

boredblonde 17

#62 - this is true. But you can't really "criticize" a person for solely their hair color.

BarDownDaily 12

65- Stop. You're making it worse.

and it's people like this that give us blondes a bad name *sigh* smh

puppypuncher 5

60- Although I also know nothing of you, it's pretty safe to say you're a huge airhead.

Damn, today is just not your day is it? Either the negative votes are following you or you are just making incredibly stupid comments.

BarDownDaily 12

124- Just an extended series of stupid comments.

uprising_fml 0

boredblonde: I personally didn't think your comments were stupid. don't worry, the FML commenting community tends to follow the leader.

puppypuncher 5

No matter how much you praise boredblonde's stupidity, she will never sleep with you, Uprising. I know it may seem like you're getting somewhere, but you're not.

gungun235 3

Is there really a fight going on on FML? XD

BarDownDaily 12

132- Which leader are we following? I have seen nothing of the such in that sequence of comments. You're an idiot.

I'm just gonna come and ask this since it's slipped everyone's mind. Are blonde "all the way down?" Or does the color run out like cheap paint from Walmart.

143- you really are like my dirty old uncle.

quite_bored 9

May I just say I am enjoying this train wreck?

23 comments wasted on pointless arguments, 2 comments pertaining to the actual topic of discussion. You have to love the Internet...

BarDownDaily 12

187- Make it 25 if you count that stupid comment, and my reply.Idiot.

Okie. Btw blonde girl. The OP said she can pick up a movie she wants. There was no ground to stand on. He didn't give her a limit of any kind. So why people are insulting you is because your comment sounded like you didn't even read the FML...

GoW_Chick 14

How come when boredblond comments it's always a really dumb comment and makes everyone jump on her thread just to take a shot at her? It's becoming a common thing now. XD

Raising Arizona is his only actual good movie, that isn't a family movie like National Treasure.

What's wrong with two's comment? She's right, if he really hated the movie enough, he would've said something. Even Nicholas Cage can't deter you from taking a chance to get laid.

todethepandaXD 2

Ok we all know she's an idiot but we don't new to critisize her ;)

uprising_fml 0

136: I am a female. I listen to muse. i was sticking up for boredblonde because it was dumb how everyone was being so rude to her over a comment that wasn't that bad. and I just don't assume a person's intelligence or personality by a comment they post on a website.

It's alright 267, it's just the retardation of people of a mob mentality.

Let's see how many comments boredblonde can get buried!

I hate when I miss the heat of the argument... =

sparklecherry 4

Pfftt, like you're any better.

The name Nicolas Cage can invoke so much pain in so many ways.

Especially if your name is Nicholas, and "Nicholas, cage!" is a command from your mother to get back in your cage.

Honestly, I thought he was good in "Lord of War".

CrassKal 27

I thought he was alright in Kickass

Face/off was awesome because Nicholas cage was actually John Travolta...

Face/off 114- you shoulda been like "Face/off NIPPLES was awesome because nicholas BITCH cage was actually MOTHERFUCKING John Travolta. . .

love Lord of War! that man is so ruggedly handsome. if only he were a good actor.....

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

I'm a bit bummed out that 69's comment didn't get much attention. I actually giggled out loud when I read it. Then again when I re-read it.

If I had to pick my favorite Nicholas Cage movie it would be National Treasure.

Is it like that in any movie he's been in?

cassiebear7652 7

I love how in the new Ghost Rider preview instead of being badass and saying "HELL YEA!" he simply says "Hell yes."

The Family Man has to be one of the worst movies ever made. Also, Nicholas Cage's face always looks like he is constantly hungover and constipated.

He's pretty good in "gone in 60 seconds"

nativepimp 1

I liked national treasure. And omg it's plank!

flockz 19

Ghost Rider had the potential to be the most badass character and little ol Nicolas made him look like a pansy.


no, he is awesome. you are not the only one. :)

Leaving Las Vegas, Face off, Kickass, Matchstick Men, Con Air... He is a beautiful human being!

KiddNYC1O 20

Oh my god. Someone murder this girl before she has Nick Cage loving children

chenry1 4

Can't forget The Rock with Sean Connery.

Would it be fair to add Lord of War to that list? It was a good movie.


I like you, like you like Nicolas Cage.

floopyflooper 2

Not as badass as Christian Bale!!!

anakaren_831 1

I love Nicholas Cage, he made it look easy to stealth declaration of independence :D

Why would you want to make the declaration of independence "stealthy"?

StillSinging9594 0

I like him too, you're not the only one. And my mom met him and said he was actually a really nice guy :)

levibarks 5
valdancer99 0

Nothing worse than Nicholas Cage.. FYL

Torva_fml 16

I'm guessing you're just a hater.

I'm gonna guess you've never seen Justin Bieber. There is nothing worse than THAT little prepubescent ape-girl.

msjoyfull84 0

Face-Off/Con Air, both awesome. Other than that doesn't really float my boat.

Colonel_Lexi 18

An appointment with DocBastard. No? Okay. *crawls back under rock*

jillianmathers12 13

That person said you horrible person!

jillianmathers12 13

Lol just incase there are stupid people who don't speak French! Lol

Ah oui? Tu n'est pas très intelligente si tu penses que ça c'est le français. Before calling others stupid, look at yourself. You clearly don't know French. And you live in Canada? You should be ashamed.

PRpandaz 6

Dumbass. He was speaking Spanish.

jillianmathers12 13

You know I'm 13 right? I'm still studying g French in school and except for Québec, most people in Canada don't speak French!

Canada is a BILINGUAL country. So you SHOULD know both English and French. And at 13, you should know that that is NOT French. Even people who aren't learning French know that it wasn't French.

Being a bilingual country in no way means you should know both languages. The vast majority of Canadians speak English and English only. Government workers and law enforcement officers have to be bilingual. Citizens do not, it is not a requirement just an official recognition of the language.. However "I'm only 16," and I could tell that that is Spanish without my contacts in.

Hey. She could have made you watch "sex and the city"

Your fault. Be honest and say it's a chick flick or just pick out the movie yourself.

You invite her over for a movie then have her rent it? Man up, grow some balls and be prepared next time you whiney little baby. YDI.

iamabamf 17

Well she probably was satisfied at your attempts to be romantic if you pretended to be interested. So it's not that bad.