By Anonymous - 21/01/2012 20:59 - Canada

Today, I accidentally dropped my phone while I was crossing the road. Luckily, it survived the fall. Not so luckily, an oncoming bus steamrolled it into oblivion. FML
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aantho_fml 0

Was it being driven by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves?

chester75 5

Well at least you didn't instinctively run and get squished :)


chester75 5

Well at least you didn't instinctively run and get squished :)

TalkingTowelTim 0

I can just imagine you being like, "Whew, thank God it didn't break." Then seeing the bus coming and just being like, "****, that sucks."

Seems like something you'd see in a movie haha

You obviously didn't have a Nokia, for the bus would have exploded into a fiery blaze

kristabelli 19

Omg that happened to me in December!

XxHoPPoxX 8

Same thing happened to me but my phone was so screwed it was sent into skyrim

llZombiell 5

:( awe oblivion made me think of elder scrolls and I was hoping to see a shot in the knee by an arrow joke. Fyl op

aantho_fml 0

Was it being driven by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves?

LawSixx 11

I'm sure was didn't you see the scene where they the baby stroller? That was the OP she was more worried bout her phone then the stroller filled with cans. I kid :)

LawSixx 11

Hit* man can't believe I missed that word damnit

EvilCupcake8361 9

That didn't fix anything but nice try buddy. *pats back*

bubo_fml 10

Sandra Bollocks more like...

jonan1212 5

OP means Orbital Projectile cannon. It's a new weapon being created by the U.S. Goverment as a top secret weapon, similar to Reagan's "star wars" idea. I would tell you the details, but then U.S. agents will go after me. This is what OP means....

flockz 19

outstanding penis. Example: "woah, flockz has an OP."

Dammit! I spent my whole life thinking it was orangutang pimp.

I prefer to reder it to Orgasmic Platypus. But Orange Penis works just as well too

Your all wrong it stands for!: Orbital Penis!

Optimus Prime, guys. Jesus, you're all noobs.

boredblonde 17

Same thing happened to my friend...except the "bus" was a kid on a tricycle...

The kid couldn't think to stop? I could understand a bus.

boredblonde 17

Fell right in front of was...a tragedy.

Your friend dropped a kid on a tricycle into the street?

boredblonde 17
GoW_Chick 14

Did it hurt hitting yourself in the face 53?

Ahaha cuz shes blonde! U guys r sooo original!

Phones can be replaced, you mam', can not.

boredblonde 17
BarDownDaily 12

Wow... And u criticize blondies intelligence?

BarDownDaily 12

95- What are you talking about?

your picture is awesome. too bad OP lost her contacts, those take forever to get back

Haha I was thinking she can just bring it to the store and have them transfer the contacts but then I was like omg I am sooo stupid the phone is flipping crushed!

hopefully it wasn't a really nice phone ^.^

If you had gone to pick it up, you definitely would have had a few more problems to deal with

fattylumptard 1

Don't jay walk and that won't happen.

10, Oddly enough objects don't always land in one specific pattern. Traffic is still moving around the individual and could easily have falled in its path. Try again.

thatshot808 6

How did you know it survived the fall if it was still in the road? something doesnt add up