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  LawSixx  |  11

I'm sure was didn't you see the scene where they the baby stroller? That was the OP she was more worried bout her phone then the stroller filled with cans. I kid :)

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

OP means Orbital Projectile cannon. It's a new weapon being created by the U.S. Goverment as a top secret weapon, similar to Reagan's "star wars" idea. I would tell you the details, but then U.S. agents will go after me. This is what OP means....

  lolyeahthatsme  |  11

Haha I was thinking she can just bring it to the store and have them transfer the contacts but then I was like omg I am sooo stupid the phone is flipping crushed!

  downtime  |  12

10, Oddly enough objects don't always land in one specific pattern. Traffic is still moving around the individual and could easily have falled in its path. Try again.