By notacreep - 16/05/2009 08:39 - United States

Today, I was at the mall with my girlfriend's family. Her 7 year old brother told me he was feeling sad, so I tried to give him a pat on the back, but it turns out he had a bruise there. He yelled out "don't touch me there!" In the middle of the mall. Now her parents think I'm a pedophile. FML
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shiie 0

This is exactly the reason the world is a sick place. Lay one finger on a kid, insta-pedostamp.

Haha .. that's excellent.. i love the world


shiie 0

This is exactly the reason the world is a sick place. Lay one finger on a kid, insta-pedostamp.

just_for_lols 0

#2 and others the world is not ****** because people are blamed for being paedophiles because they 'lay one finger on a kid'. the world is ****** up because paedophiles exist. And to all the people who are telling you to beat the kid... he is just a kid and probably didn't even think of that. Seriously, calm down.

Little kids do this all the time. Even if they don't have a bruise.

Haha, in all honesty, I say that in public all the time when people go near me to like touch my arm or hug me, and I'm sure it makes everyone feel like they've just sexually assaulted me. If you were with your girlfriends family, I'm pretty sure they'll figure it out sooner or later you aren't actually trying to touch little children. Like that. This really sucks though.

alexgisforme3 0

just tell them that you were actually doing and you could probly clear things up then. but try going to a different mall next time looool.

This is why the 'OMGPEDO!" hysteria is dangerous. Instead of actually going after the real pedos, we point fingers at crap like this.

dancing_bear 0

I agree with #2 and #7 - this is why all this shrieking frenzy about pedophilia has gotten so ridiculous. When you can't even lay one finger on a child you know to comfort them without being called a pedophile, that's pretty pathetic. Anyway, it was good of you to try and cheer him up. Hopefully you'll be able to explain what happened.

arienh4 0

You forgot the "...and then I explained what happened and it was okay." Unless you are an idiot that is.