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Today, my friendly neighbor asked me to check in on his apartment every few days while he's gone on vacation. You can imagine my horror when I walked in for the first time and found out he's a snake breeder. Twelve more days to go. FML
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Do a count each time you arrive and each time you leave. Nobody likes a loose snake

Now's your chance to learn if you're an heir of Slytherin!


Do a count each time you arrive and each time you leave. Nobody likes a loose snake

Luckily OP doesn't have to feed him. (You'd hope OP's neighbour had fed them before he left for vacation).

Nobody liked a loose snake? I am not sure about that. If you know what I mean *creepy smile and stare*

Yea, #1, Kim Kardashian would have to disagree.

asnakelovinbabe 16

I'm not sure what's so bad about this though. If he is a good hobbyist he will know how to keep his snakes properly contained. I happened to be that "friendly neighbor snake breeder" a few months ago and my neighbor was pretty interested in our snake room. Although I did give him a courteous heads up before he came over to not be surprised by the snakes, and I showed them to him in person. What OP's neighbor did was not at all courteous. But that doesn't make what he does bad. If you don't like snakes, so be it, but if your neighbor does it's his right to do as he pleases provided he isn't breaking the law and takes good care of his animals.

Now's your chance to learn if you're an heir of Slytherin!

I love your HP reference! Thank you for making my night perfect!

Oh come on, I'm sure they're harmless. kind of like puppies! except slithery, and frightening... yeah no, that sounds like a fast train to nopeville!

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I see potential for a snake army in this.... Taking over the world one slythery day at a time! MUHAHAHAHAHAAAAA...

I would walk in.... say nope and probably leave the snakes there for the 12 days..... Ok that's a bit evil lol I would go but cry myself to sleep after.

Garnetshaddow 30

I don't like snakes much. However, I am crazy about my dogs and understand how nutty people can be about their pets. I'd go on a rampage if my dogs were left for 12 days!

The difference is that snakes can be left for 12 days especially once on to full size rabbits etc.

Garnetshaddow 30

If OP says "snake breeder" I would assume that indicates the presence of baby snakes. I don't think there are many baby snakes that are eating full size rabbits. At least I hope not, because that would be terrifying...

acerredrum 23

As a snake owner and someone who has helped breeders, snakes can be left alone for 12 days, they are generally fed weekly or every other week depending on the snake and size of the meal. How ever they do need to stay watered. It is very irresponsible of the breeder to not make sure the person they have checking on their house is familiar, let alone even okay being around, snakes.

Queen_of_Night 20

@50 Agreed, my friend has 14 ball pythons and while they don't need to eat everyday they still need to be watered and cleaned up after every other day. Can't imagine the owner not having someone caring for his snakes for 12 days.

What the actual... How on earth did he neglect to tell you that? He hasn't told you how to care for them, or what they're going to eat for 2 weeks. What are you expected to do if they get sick?

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Snakes can go more than a month without food, although I'm not a snake expert, so this probably doesn't apply to all of them. I only know this because my dad has a corn snake and we fed it a mouse once a month. If a snake gets sick, or even dies, its not OP's fault. The breeder didnt tell them

If you re-read the FML, the way it's worded is open to interpretation. It's possible the first day the OP walked in was that same day asked to watch the place? And maybe now regretting to have agreed to it.


I agree with #23 I have a dwarf boa and a normal ball. The boa didn't eat for the first 3 weeks I had him. The ball has gone a month before out of pure stubbornness. The snakes will be fine left for two weeks. However just check temps and hopefully none are venomous.

Snakes only eat every 2-3 weeks at most anyway, so that's not a problem. But they would need fresh water every day or two, and you should keep an eye on temperature and humidity in the tanks to make sure everything's good. But those are things the neighbour should definitely have explained before asking OP to watch the place!!

Good points guys, but surely they'll need water and what if they get sick? Leaving them with someone who knows what they're doing is cool, but not discussing beforehand is not cool.

"Friendly" neighbor... Sounds like he hates you... When he comes back thank him for the heads up and the great experience!