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He must be cute, because he's deffinitly not smart

Guess facing your fears was a load of crap in this case. FYL


Kill the snake and make a coat out of it.

That makes no sense, make a belt out of it sounds better.

"Snakes in a house" New movie.


I love snakes <3

kill it with fire! jk call your local animal shelter, they will have a 'unusual' animal section or know a shelter that can retrieve and home the snake

Maybe a coat for a barbie doll.

use as a whip/rope like pecos bill

83- *deep, grumbly, epic/scary voice* lets... KILL IT... with... FIRE!!!!

kofinater 3

I've had it with these monkey fighting snakes in this Monday to Friday house

79 how can you like snakes? they are so nasty!

They ARE pretty amazing.

no no, they are not.

Snakes rule send it my way

well, if u had grabbed that long thing, you guys wouldn't be in this mess. instead, you'd find comfort in handling his slippery Pete.

93's photo looks like a drawing of 106

Typically the people that say they are disgusting haven't held a snake before and know almost nothing about them. Please realize they want nothing to do with you and prefer to be left alone. They are not out to get you.

You are retard #112

He must be cute, because he's deffinitly not smart

got a point

Lmao definnitteeelllyy hha

Yeeaaahhh wen ur not smart.ur always cutteweee <3 <3<3

Can't we be both?

Yeah, just look at me.

82 needs a mirror.


hahahahaha at the sometime????

if a man ever said "i only date women who are either cute or smart" there'd be hell to pay xD

call an exterminater

That's ridiculous.. Call Harry Potter, he'll talk it out of your house.

98 haha that piggy is so cute!

ehm the french FML are definitely better writed and funnier...

lol sorry 3 thats not going to you

well read the French fml If you wanna sit here and bitch. Duh.

Guess facing your fears was a load of crap in this case. FYL

stfu pain or I'll susano'o ur ass and lol at op

Just make sure yo close your leg whilst you sleep OP D:

*hissing noise* "I'm a snaaaaaaaayke. I'm a snaaaaaayke."

Oh my God I love snakes but I dont think I would want one crawling around my house n I had no idea where it is.... F ur life n ur bfs! If u catch it dont kill it........

agreed, I hate when people even consider killing due to fear

Horrible Monday! I would be freaking out as well. Good luck capturing it! Maybe Animal Control will help.

Snakes are nothing to be afraid of.. unless they're huge and/or venemous/constrictors.