By Anonymous - / Thursday 20 November 2014 15:23 / United States - Tracy
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  AriettaX  |  15

quick! get the scissors!!! op, iill be honest i saw a spider on my windshield two weeks ago and smashed the windshield to bits by accident trying to kill the spider

  hard_candy  |  25

actually some british celebrity had a spider living in her ear last week. she complained of scratchy noises and they stuck a camera in there to have this nasty little crawler just staring back giving them the shitface.

By  19990231  |  29

Just imagine the eggs it laid in your hair.

  hard_candy  |  25

i was reading this to the regular tune of the nursery rhyme and when i got to the all CAPS, like it just turned into this satanic-devil-worship song with lots of heavy metal and screaming.