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By Anonymous - 08/09/2009 04:16 - United States

Today, while my girlfriend and I were getting it on, she looked up at me and said, "You look a lot like your brother." FML
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You should have replied and you give head like your sister.

cum on her face and say now you look like your mother


that's not bad just a fact unless you have a problem with your brother or she had hooked up with your brother

bosshaug 0

Ha I get that shit all the time

bosshaug 0

Y can't I ever be first? Damn u

Haha omg thats aweful....does that mean'done' your brother? If so shes a hobag lol

Maybe it was a random thought, just because she said that while they were doing stuff doesn't necessarily mean she's done anything sexual with the OP's brother.

idk333333 0

Oh no! You look like your brother!!! :0 just because she said that at that time doesn't mean she has done anything with your brother. She probably was just looking at you very closely and just realized the resemblance . Not an FML