Not on a plane

By Surewhatever - 16/10/2019 14:01

Today, when I warned my guests to check the toilet for snakes, I meant it. FML
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please, tell us more

...why would you say that if you didn’t mean it?


please, tell us more

"Get those motherfuckin' snakes out of my motherfuckin' poop!" - S.L. Jackson A great line from a terrible movie!

Oh pleaseeeeeee more info

...why would you say that if you didn’t mean it?

As a joke maybe? Something like "don't let the bed bugs bite?" A couple years ago I found a black racer in my toilet, it got away and I found it a month later! I think it had lived in my bathroom the whole time! I almost never sit on the toilet (even those blurry middle of the night trips) without checking now. I was starting to let down my guard thinking it was a freakish occurrence, but in the past month I've found two more snakes in my bathroom! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

BTW, WTF...aka Welcome To Florida!🤪