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Brought to you by the letters F, M, and L

Plot twist: his wife is Elmo.


Brought to you by the letters F, M, and L

One, one upvote! Ah ah ah!

You just won the internet for today. +1

I guess you made him feel like Oscar the Grouch...

I guess he wasn't "tickled" with that question.

Plot twist: his wife is Elmo.

Well, I guess Elmo loves more things than his goldfish and crayons too.

Well that explains why the kid is red....

RA91 26


Keep in mind Elmo is actually a black man...

Plot Twist- the boss lied and it was actually elmo...

Someone jacked this comment #37

Seems like the el supervisor did not see that coming

Legit mistake, not the best one to make, though.

At least she didn't sound like Oscar.

I'm sure she does when she doesn't have morning coffee

Honest mistake OP! I think it's worse for his wife to sound like Elmo than you making that comment!

You didn't know but I think you are better off by just watching not commenting

I think it'd be ok to comment on his son being cute or something else to that effect :)

Could be worse, you could have said Satan, but FYL

I'm pretty sure Satan wouldn't have a high-pitched voice.

Have you ever watched the powerpuff girls?!?!? Satan sooo hasnt hit puberty yet