By Ashley - 02/12/2012 10:16 - United States - Huntington Beach

Today, my friend spilt orange juice all over my iPad. She then went ahead to clean it off by rinsing it with water. FML
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christa953 12

why wouldn't you stop your friend?

Does your friend know what electronics are? Cause that's a very stupid thing to do. Surround it in rice I heard to do that with phones when they get wet. Otherwise, make her pay for a new one.


christa953 12

why wouldn't you stop your friend?

Somehow, I don't get the feeling OP knew what the friend was doing.

DalPozzo13 10

Since when was spilt a word? Last time I checked it was spelled "spilled"

You are the dumb one, since you don't even know how to google "spilt" and realize it is one of the two past tense options of "to spill".

OP was probably shocked by the stupidness because I know I would have been in shock

It's also possible OP wasn't there at the moment.

starburst7596 14

74- the word you are looking for is "stupidity"

OP probably wasn't in the same room with her. She could have walked in on her rinsing it off.

Llama_Face89 33

24- Why aren't you wearing your helmet?! You know it's not safe to walk around without it!

Maybe he didnt know that apple products are resistant to water. Not sure about the iPad, but the iPod touch is.

Yeah she is dumb, she forgot to throw it in the microwave to dry it.

Of course she is. Everybody knows apples and oranges don't mix! Duh!

Oh but they do mix! OJ & AJ mixed is sublime!!!

Inheritance 10

What's next the washing machine? Or even the dishwasher?

Actually the sugar in the juice is the real killer, and most electronics can survive more water than you can imagine, especially if it's turned off. What should be done is to turn the IPad off, then slightly rinse it with water, and then put it in a bag with rice, to absorb the water again. My cousin dropped her IPhone in the river at night, went back in the morning to find it again, fished it up, dried it, and now it's fully functioning again.

She's obviously blond once u think about it haha

She waited until morning!? She's lucky that it wasn't completely fried by then!

166- I can't find sherlock's comment. :(

Well that sounds like an excellent friend. No choice but to retaliate.

That's very unpleasant of your so called "friend" to do that. Unless your "friend" was under 4 years old (which I highly doubt) don't be angry. But I am going to predict that your "friend" is quite ditsy and immature for his/her age.

Does your friend know what electronics are? Cause that's a very stupid thing to do. Surround it in rice I heard to do that with phones when they get wet. Otherwise, make her pay for a new one.

If op has warranty have warranty replace but don't tell said friend and make her pay for a new one. From there op can sell one or keep the other as a back up.

spekledworf 18

Unfortunately, a majority of warrenties don't cover water damage

Probably doesn't cover orange juice damage either

Last time I got water in my phone I simply broke the screen and claimed it fell and wouldn't turn on.

In iPhones and probably iPads too, they have something inside them that can tell if water has touched it. It changes colour or something , and when they check it ( incase it was covered by warranty ) they would see that and the warranty would be void.

If the orange juice had seeped through to the display, then keeping it in rice will work but may leave bright stains on the screen. Lightly rinsing with water and then placing it in rice helps remove orange juice.

32 Will they openthe device then and there? If not Op has a chance. There are many ways to get by companies like that. Many I and most people won't easily say.

40 - If it was apple, probably, but if it was from some shifty re saler, probably not haha.

40, they don't need to open the device, there are small white stickers which turn red on contact with water. iPhone has one inside the headphone jack and one at the 30 pin adapter. now all iPhone users are checking for it i guess :)

30 why would you take iPhone with you for a shower.

O damn learn something new everyday. I'm so checking my friends ipad tomorrow. With most droids it's with the battery.

The friend of the year award goes #22, you douche.

KVKdragon 26

It can be done no problem. You can put said iPhone in 2 layers of plastic bags and still use the touchscreen no problem. I personally have a LifeProof case (one of its 4 "proofs" is being waterproof) and I just put that in a small plastic bag to use if I want to listen to music while showering or taking a bath ;)

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#94 - Rain? As in liquid? As in WATER? PFFT, of course it won't change.

AshleyAndAshli 9

So you lied about it, nice -___-

Say to her "That's like me stabbing you several times and then cleaning the wounds with acid."

Take it back before she destroys it further!

JoeGrant 12

Usually, and correct me if I'm wrong, by the time OP posts their FML the deed is already done and therefore I don't think OP can take the iPad back at this point.

AppleCare+ = $49 for a replaced iPad

JoeGrant 12

Sheesh people thumbing me down, I was kidding!

fudgeimout 2

On the sunny side you'll have a citrus smelling paper weight.

Apparently rice works with water in electronics... Hopefully it will also work for orange juice:')

every1luvsboners 11

What an idiot. You're obviously supposed to put it in the dishwasher when you spill something on it.

kennaem1 11

Damn. All these years I thought it was the washing machine!

Your friend just went full retard... NEVER go full retard.

MindFreakazoid 10

Is tard a word? Call me cray-cray, but 're' means 'again', so the word 'retard' would, in theory, mean 'to tard again'. Yep. That just happened. I used logic. Amazing, huh? ANYHUM! Use the word 'retard' correctly.

21- Retard is a music term in which something is slowed, which is why people are called retards because they're "slow".

379_fml 11

21- you are a retard. Using the word cray makes you a tard. You used it twice. You can be either a tard-tard or a retard. Your choice

I'm surprised that this quote didn't get more thumbs up. Sir, have my thumbs up.

MindFreakazoid 10

21 - Please stop, you're 12 and not funny..

MindFreakazoid 10

And 39, I know what I said. And honestly I don't give a flying walnut what YOU think. I'm not a retard. I'm actually quite clever for my age. Hence the reason I'm an IB student (if you read my about me). Don't pretend you know how I am because of a few words I posted on an internet page. 41, I wasn't trying to be funny...

53, what were you trying to be then? If it wasn't funny, is it what you actually thought? I thought you said you were clever :l

53. I'm replying to the actual comment. Not your comment. Because the actual comment was a quote that fitted this FML quite well.

Mizzaroo 13

Judging by some of the replies to this comment, I'm going to assume some people don't know where this quote came from.

Actually the proper term is ritardando, and its abbreviated form is rit.

21 - And in French retard means late but this has no relevance here. It's a quote, don't go all smart ass man!

You're friend is quite the genius. But I'd say either try to fix it by putting it in a bag of rice or by just returning it if you have a warranty.

Warranties on electronic devices are almost always void if there's any liquid damage.

Awh **** :( Why did I **** up with your/you're when I was trying to prove something :(((