By Anonymous - 22/09/2010 20:39 - Denmark

Today, my dad borrowed my new iPad to amuse him while he was in the shower without my knowledge. The iPad is now completely ruined, and my dad is refusing to buy me a new one. He says, "How was I to know that it wasn't waterproof?" FML
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UFO for having a iPad, it's nothing more than an oversized iPod touch

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and what would your dad use the iPad for in the shower anyway?...oh wait, he was jacking off

KVKdragon 26

it's all in the way one would use it. like if a company provides iPads to work on, it's reasonable. if you want an e-reader device that's more than an e-reader, it's no biggie to have one. but nowadays, it isn't worth it since iOS 4.0 + let's devices that aren't the iPad have the iBookstore installed for free (plus books available for purchase). plus the new iPod touch has 2 cameras so it's way better than the iPad in the field of point&shoot pictures and video recording.

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the ipad sucks ass anyway... big ol iPod touch... I'd still hurt your dad

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kick him in the balls and tell him to get his own shit to look at **** in the shower with wut an ass... even tho regular iPod touches r way better I dropped mine in the toilet three days ago and now the only thing it won't do is play a7x (of course my favourite band) I think it's mad at me for treating it badly... :

I cannot decide who is more stupid, you for buying ipad or ur dad for using it in shower? I guess both

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Bullet For My Valentine> Linkin Park+ A7X

take his credit card and buy a new one with it. if he asks just say "how was I supposed to know u didn't want me to use your credit card?"

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Bullet For My Valentine = Gayest name for a band ever. Metallica = Greatest band ever :D

should kick em in da nuts and say how was I supposed to know they wernt indestructable

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YDI for not buying it from best buy and not getting a warranty

Vampire Weekend > A7X I don't expect most of you to like them. it's an acquired sound. really different.

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Suicide Silence > everything except Metallica xD

Dream Theater created the Big Bang, so all your arguments are invalid.

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Hey 126!!! I love Vampire Weekend!!! They're so good!! And all their videos are awesome!

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sorry but there are several differences from the iPod touch and the iPad

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98 - I take ***** on linkin park CDs. And you can't do anything about it.

LEGONUT!! FMLS havent been as funny without you these days!

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I saw Atreyu in concert twice. They suck live! Disturbed, Stone Temple Pilots and Godsmack!!!(:

legonut warranty don't works if it got under water

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Frank Sinatra+Bobby Darin+Metallica+The Eagles+(others)>every gayish band about vampires, valentines, or parks. screw your stupid crap you people now call music.

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lol.. why is lil Wayne even being mentioned? he's shorter than my dick

Take one of his non-waterproof belongings (eg. laptop, mobile phone) and take it into the shower, then give him his excuse. Alternatively, throw it out the window and use shatter-proof instead of water-proof as an excuse. But it's just an iPad. It runs Apple software. You're better off without one, but I would be pissed if I was stupid enough to want something made by Apple and my dad did that. Also, Rucka Rucka Ali > Any other band/artist previously said or will be said. Period.

Pearl Jam is the best band ever and if u disagree ill **** U UP

franz Ferdinand, lil Wayne and kid cudi don't have anything to do with the type of Bands were comparing with each other.

196 is just plain ignorant for not realising the talent in Vampire Weekend. They're the only "Indie" band I like cos they're just so damn good!

Slipknot+Lamb Of God+DevilDriver >Everything else

Wow. Just wow. Also, you could tell him that a) it's obvious, and b) there's probably something in the instructions somewhere that states it's not waterproof.

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No kidding. OP, you should have said that and told him, 'I'm sorry that my own father can't use his common sense because he's to busy jacking off to think for once.' That would have pissed him off. 

well if there isn't something in the instructions there will be now!

Cinn - just out of curiosity, I went to check if it actually was in the instructions. Turns out, you don't get an instruction manual with the iPad, although there is one online - except it's broken right now.

Fair enough, Zeb, I just imagined there would be some instructions somewhere, as most electrical equipment I've ever bought has come with something. (Maybe the surge from the water damage broke the online one :P) I also think that electrics and water is common sense. I also remember being taught that at primary school.

LOL! Yep - it did occur to me that the instructions might have been fried along with the iPad. Hmm - I wonder if they're actually included on the machine itself, or if Apple run with the 'it's intuitive' thing just one step more and make you download the instructions only after clicking on an admission that you're not hip enough to just understand it right out of the box? You're a thousand percent right though - the primary reason for not doing this is because it's completely obvious that you shouldn't take electronics into the shower with you.

Oh, and in #207, I should have said "...bizarrely, you don't get instructions..." It sounded like I was disagreeing with you, when that wasn't the case. I'd hope they'd at least have that basic 'don't throw it in the fires of Mt Doom or run it through with a sword' warning leaflet that is the first thing you throw out when you open the box.

Unless they specifically say on them that they are waterproofed. But not that many things are, not perfectly. Rainproof does not mean waterproof.

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I bought a new Ipod touch and it said don't microwave it.

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Who reads instructions these days.

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unless his dad was born the day of... it's pretty ******* obvious water + electronics = bad

What person doesn't know that Apple sucks when it comes to water? The OP's father was stupid enough to assume that an electronic device WAS waterproof. That's borderline mental retardation.

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^ Theyre called waterproof, iPads aren't.

I think if an iPad was waterproof, they'd tell you in the commercials.

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let me stoop to your level now. IF op did have to tell his dad about the iPad being waterproof (wow) it's not like he knew his dad was taking it. his dad never told him.

what the **** can you do with an iPad in the shower? besides.....aaaahhh I know lmao

You know Redtube Changed their coding so the iPad could play their vids.

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its funny how u would know that. 

If he wasnt your dad i would tell you to punch him in the face and sue if he refused to pay. but since he IS your dad, just steal his credit card. :)

KVKdragon 26

very good idea. and if the dad tries to argue, the son can just say credit where credit is due (as in the dad owes credit/money for the busted iPad).