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no use crying over spilled milk

Phone... Library computer... Friends house...


LOL indeed. The first time I read this, I interpreted it as "the stream" falling onto the floor and breaking... I know it sounds dumb, but that's what I thought of when I first read it.

OMG! Is the floor ok?

clumsy clumsy.

no use crying over spilled milk

It wasn't milk, it was water. OP, I'm sorry you lost your water! :(

Since you were working on your laptop, surely you have enough common sense not to have liquids around electronics.

Heh. I'm drinking tea next to mine as we speak. But then again, I've already spilled coffee and water on it before (some people never learn).

delicious + lazy = lack of common sense

What?! Did you hand make your laptop using popsicle sticks? How tall is this table?

If she quickly pushed it away I can see how it would break easily. Also could have been something like tile flooring, really hard stuff.

You say your laptop broke...? How did you send this FML?

I have to agree with the person above me. We have 4 computers at my house. 2 desktops and 2 laptops. 1 of those desktops is the family computer, the other is my mom's. I own a laptop and so does my mom's fiance, which he uses for work.

maybe with a phone?

Im taking the moral high road here and saying: Folks put your liquids on the floor or another chair. It has always picked my nerves whenever I see people place drinks by their keyboard/notebooks! Fyl for the damage AND learning the hard way... Because I learned THE SAME way.

Should have got it wet. Once it's wet. Take out the battery and leave the water to evaporate. That's what I did >.>

They didnt know they had an option for water spillage or falling.

clam down The Hulk. Why didn't you just pick it up?