By LilyL - 06/06/2010 21:53 - United States

Today, I spent hours cleaning the kitchen that my slob roommates always neglect. I scrubbed the floor, emptied the fridge, washed all the dishes, etc. When I was done, I was thirsty so I got myself a soda. I opened the can, and it exploded and sprayed everything I had just washed. FML
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At least its roomates. I just got home from a busy day and I want to cook supper but until I could start I had to move dumped purse contents from the stove top, papers, tissues, makeup, crap, along with dirty dishes from the work area next to the stove. And for my own sanity I brought dirty dishes from the living room, as well as threw away several used facial tissues that were laying around. I cleaned Friday. It's only Sunday and I was barely home yesterday. I have a messy wife. FML4life

Screw your roommates! Tell them to clean it up!


ScooterScott 0

Sucks for you

Screw your roommates! Tell them to clean it up!

your like the doormat for these people huh xD

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chrissy buddy lol hi!! OP stop bitching its not an FML

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hold up you spent HOURS?!?! geez

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I agree with 4. Make them clean it up :)

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Get some new Roomates

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Anyone wanna make me a fan sign? Doesn't have to be fancy. 4_ P. _a___b_ __y. Fill in the blanks.

zakkyzebra 11

that must have been a big can or a small kitchen

FTC_Socialist 3

I agree with 27. This would be after I shit on their coats, though.

Wipe it up. You're a slob too if you haven't cleaned it before, and an extra couple minutes cleaning shouldn't be a big deal since you've already spent hours on it.

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she's a women it's her job

looks like it's time to wash dishes....just put on some music and have fun with it lol I like washing dishes

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lol Sorrry! I would clean it for you if I could! (only if u gave me 20 bucks)

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lmao at the Dane cook reference. 'SOMEBODY SHIT ON THE COATS!'

pseudolife 4

Damn...that sucks. FYL.

I love Dane Cook :) and op that sucks, make them clean it up you don't deserve that.

so u cleaned for hours how about u let ur roomates get the soda this time(yes I no they won't clean it up)

ya just leave it there and if they complain tell them that since you cleaned up their mess they gotta clean up yours

oh, and I hope 9 is missing all of this so they don't have to deal with your guys' little comments. narcassistic bastards.

zakkyzebra 11

piss on their beds.

niceeee 77 and that sucks, be like i tried! now its ur turn OP (:

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Gotta love roomates.

OP's Roommates probably shook it up

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Oh noes!

u rock. I forgot how much music helps with everything. thx for the reminder. hell, even Dexter had background music.

"the floor is all sticky" "I just came" hehe I had to add another Dane cook reference

missmurderx 8

mm hello there number 9 :D gorgeous, hahh. teehee I love Dane cook :D not so kool aid is my favourite :)

also Daniel tosh is also awesome. even before tosh.0

What a slob Tsk tsk Now your roommate There's a rolemodel Stop fucking up >.>

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dude, every girl on this thread is hot. you should all marry me.

kidsanchez1 4

Samantha you a pimp or something marring every girl on here?

lol, damn straight :) dont tell Jess though! she hates when I cheat on her.

54 you are very preatty ;-)

kidsanchez1 4

lol so during the day your all hers but during the night you get all the other girls and act like it never happens the next day and you do that daily right?

Sam you are beautiful how old r u I can't tell from ur pic..

The soda will take all of ten minutes to clean! You just wanted to complain about your slob roommates. Sammie your new picture is gorgeous (: And you're right. Pretty much all the girls under # 1 are pretty. I didn't look at the rest of the page. Stupid small pixels

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That is why I always tap the lid of a can before opening it for about half a minute. Prevents THAT from happening. 

135: lol yeah pretty much!:) no it's just when she's not around, I got caught yesterday though! 136: I'm 13, lol. ky!: why thankyou:D but I will never be as gorgeous as you buttercup!

Stop pretending you don't want me >.> You can only resist my smexy pic for so long

kidsanchez1 4

Samantha there is no way you are 13 I would if thought 15 or 16

lol want to see my birth certificate?:) 1997 bitchess. yeah I know, sometimes I can't even believe it. I don't act 13 either. lol, someone thought I was 18 once.

142 Then again most people cannot fathom the fact that I'm under 18 People don't look their age sometimes

oh and ky, do you have the same colored walls as me?:)

kidsanchez1 4

well that's cool a 13 year old pimpwho gets all the girls and dosent look her age oh Samantha you got to remember keep your pimp hand strong remember that next time your girls argue with you

oh I always keep it strong no worries ;) hahahh.

kidsanchez1 4

alright that's how you got to have it ps ms.Jessie just got on

lol, thanks for the heads up!:) so no more asking hot girls out for the moment.

Aww you're sweet Sammie! I think we're atleast even. Thats why I'm your favorite;) my walls are bluee (: I love it. P.S hi Loren!

Lol ky WTF Where have you been?

Ohhh, out and about. I decided to try having a life for a little while. =D

O believe me so have I I try to quickly add a quip every so often on my iPod, but other than times like this I rarely am on here for a sustained period

143- I look older in person. I'm 15 and I was mistaken for 18. XD Its pretty funny.

A women? What a dumbass you are!

just get a mop or paper towl it would take u 3 minutes co on

what the shit is it supposed to be #22.

Ali_Br_fml 33

wow, who's the slob now? j/k

rule 1 ... never clean up after your POS roomates lol

Thunderbender 2

Life just said fuck yo couch

hahaha you deserve fat ass

a fat ass is scrumptious.

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:( their fault!!!! it's ok. make them clean it up 

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AughtshfO;HDRKGHSR! That sux mucho! D: I would have totaly gone and beat them all up and kicked them out! :)

Macromartyr 3

University roommates suck

JGood08 1

yea no shit, like my roomates are cool but messy as hell

Did u shake it up??? lol make ur roomates help jeez

this is a real quick fix. I could clean it up in less then 2 minutes.

it doesn't take or it shouldn't take u that long,.....

52- I miss the photo collage of your cats :(

Maybe I'll put a new one up tomorrow idk