By LilyL - United States
Today, I spent hours cleaning the kitchen that my slob roommates always neglect. I scrubbed the floor, emptied the fridge, washed all the dishes, etc. When I was done, I was thirsty so I got myself a soda. I opened the can, and it exploded and sprayed everything I had just washed. FML
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By  GoPlayInTraffic  |  2

At least its roomates. I just got home from a busy day and I want to cook supper but until I could start I had to move dumped purse contents from the stove top, papers, tissues, makeup, crap, along with dirty dishes from the work area next to the stove. And for my own sanity I brought dirty dishes from the living room, as well as threw away several used facial tissues that were laying around. I cleaned Friday. It's only Sunday and I was barely home yesterday. I have a messy wife. FML4life

  seanreddog  |  4

Wipe it up. You're a slob too if you haven't cleaned it before, and an extra couple minutes cleaning shouldn't be a big deal since you've already spent hours on it.

  kybabyy  |  4

The soda will take all of ten minutes to clean!
You just wanted to complain about your slob roommates.

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