By bitch - 07/10/2013 07:37 - Australia

Today, I was working behind the bar at a club. After serving drinks to a guy, he asked me if I could carry them outside to the two girls waiting for him. I scowled at him and told him I wasn't a waitress. That's when I realised he had one arm. FML
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I understand your frustration, but there really was no need to scowl and snap at him. People deserve some courtesy.

I feel obligated to click YDI just because you replied so rudely. I completely understand where you're coming from when asked to help carry his drinks, but there's no need to snap at the poor guy.


I understand your frustration, but there really was no need to scowl and snap at him. People deserve some courtesy.

And some sympathy And some taste. Mm yeah

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Exactly. You are there to serve the customer. Some can be real assholes at times, I know. But it's your duty to be professional despite that.

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I think the way people respond the FMLs from the service industry is funny. it ranges from I'm paying at the restaurant to its your job to be at the customers beck and call. I don't think people who have never worked in the industry realize how tiring it can be. However this couldve been an opportunity for a good tip

It's not the bar tenders job so he shouldnt have to if its busy. The girls waiting for the guy could've helped the guy then doing nothing.

75 - You missed the point. OP readily admitted they reacted badly to a simple request. They should have simply said, "No, I'm sorry I need to remain behind the bar" or something similar.

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#26 I love you for that reference.

I am betting op doesn't make many tips with that attitude

OP is from Australia anyway, we don't get tips like you Americans do in the hospitality industry.

#65 I've worked in the service industry, and that's no excuse to scowl. Sometimes you have to do things outside of your job title to help the customer. Sometimes it sucks, but after all you are a customer service rep right? If you go above and beyond, you're bound to get better repeat customers than if you scowl at them because they asked you to walk something somewhere...

Well you aren't, sure, but you could have been nicer about it.

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I'm sure if OP simply apologized for the situation and sated the mistake, he could single handedly win the forgiveness of the man.

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I dont get it. he was missing an arm, not a leg.

#78, and in this case, you're missing a brain ;)

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#78, Assuming the girls each want a drink, he'd need 2 hands to carry the 2 drinks...and a helping hand to carry a third drink if he too had ordered a himself, he'd end up making 2 or 3 trips. Even if he had a tray, Trays are harder to balance than you think... Maybe you misread the fml as him wanting to be carried out to the two girls. (Based on the leg comment)

I feel obligated to click YDI just because you replied so rudely. I completely understand where you're coming from when asked to help carry his drinks, but there's no need to snap at the poor guy.

One arm doesn't mean you should jump to his every whim.

No, but as a decent human being it doesn't hurt to help people out.

But as above, being a dick is never okay, even if the guy is a member of the KKK and preaching his crazy shit. Be nice, and then at least you can't be faulted.

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Beethoven what are you saying? Beethoven stahp!!

if he needs help I'm sure his girlfriends can help him out...

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So 4, what you're saying is, is that even though OP's customer has one arm, they shouldn't help him carry his drinks out and have him struggle because he asked? I'm assuming you've never had a job dealing with people. It's what normal, respecting people do when being asked for help, they help. Yea she might've snapped before she realized the situation at hand, but stuff like that can happen after a long stressful day dealing with potentially rude, (maybe not) people all day. Sometimes it is hard to be nice to people after a shift of frustrating people. I'm sure after OP realized what had happened, she apologized and helped him out. Otherwise, depending on how strict her job is, could be written up or had a stern talking to, if not more for not helping him out.

I feel like the only reason OP is getting so much grief is because the guy had one arm. OP would be getting far more sympathy if the patron had 2 arms. the service industry isn't milk and cookies. if the circumstances were different, i.e. the man had 2 arms, we'd all be calling him an asshole for asking OP to carry his drinks

72- thank you! Your point is mine, though far more eloquent. It was not her job to carry the drinks, so she shouldn't have to.

but unlike a person with two arms, he is sadly incapable of carrying the drinks. though he should have asked the girls he was with to help him, he still COULDN'T carry the drinks by himself

if you can't handle being in the service industry then hey heres a hint for you....DON'T....

Honestly, I think the two girls should've helped him out, if they really cared enough. Not your fault, OP; it happens.

He may have been just trying to buy them a drink to strike up a conversation, otherwise, it is strange that they would not help him. EDIT: oh they were waiting for him. Okay yeah, that is strange.

No.. he needed someone to carry his drinks out for him...

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15, Pretty sure that plane flew right over you.

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15, if he needed someone to carry his drinks out for him then he needed a hand. How could you possible miss the point of the comment?

People are so quick to be harsh these days. It's sad. If you can't handle simple requests maybe you shouldn't be working a service job. Even if you aren't a waitress, you're bound to get requests from time to time. Just put on a smile and be happy you have a job when so many are unemployed across the world right now.

That's the thing. She doesn't deserve it because she didn't notice, and she isn't a waitress. But then again, it was just a request, and she didn't have to jarsh about. How about, F your life for deserving it?

Many of the bars I go to, the bartenders are not allowed to leave the bar. The only thing Op did wrong, in my opinion, is not explain herself politely. You never know who someone might be, he could have ended up being the nephew of the owner or some 'secret shopper' type customer. She should have explained, politely, that she cannot leave the bar but if he wanted to take one drink at a time, she would watch one for him.

I sympathize with the bartender. People coming up being stupid and drunk, asking you to do things that are not your job or super gross. However, snapping at someone will get you fired so fast.

Lend the one handed guy a hand, will you? He needs it.

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One arm, two girls. Sounds like a porno plot

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Technically he has two arms... The other one is just down low.

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It's a shame everyone wants people to go out of their way to help the,but then won't return the favor.You deserved it OP for being an ass about a small request.

All people deserve respect what if he was an injured combat vet how do you think he felt!

Or he could have been born without the arm. Either way, if she cannot leave the bar then she has to obey policy. She could have been nicer about it though.

Let's not deal in possibilities when all we have is facts.