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Today, I accidentally spilled a big glass of water on the table, where I had some papers, my cellphone, and a box of donuts. With lightning reflexes, my sister heroically jumped forward and saved the donuts. FML
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She definitely has her priorities in order.

The papers are likely ruined, but try taking apart your phone and keeping it in a bag of uncooked rice. And you still have donuts!


She definitely has her priorities in order.

She defiently sounds like a hero to me

Not her fault you drop the glass of water you can't really blame her

At #36, accidents happen and don't say that kind of thing hasn't happened to you because I'm sure it's happened to a lot of people.

She saved the things that matter to her. What does she care about your papers and phone?

I don't see anything that would have been more important to save.

That's a tricky one, I don't know what priority i'd give if it were me in that situation. If it were bacon, that'd be easy but donuts? Maybe chocolate coated donuts with sprinkles would be worth saving over a phone...

The papers are likely ruined, but try taking apart your phone and keeping it in a bag of uncooked rice. And you still have donuts!

Do NOT take your phone apart. If it was in water for more than a few seconds, then carefully leaving it in uncooked rice overnight is a good idea, but be sure to not get anything jammed into the ports.

Really? I've heard you're supposed to take the battery out.

Yeah, Your only meant to take the battery out but not unscrew anything from your phone :)

Wait, wait, wait! Your supposed to put in in rice? FUCK! I got to go remove my phone from the bowl of spice I put it in. Think it voids the warranty?

Silica gel also works wonders- you know those little packets that come in your shoes, jerky, etc.? They soak up moisture!

I heard if you put it in the microwave for a few minutes it'll dry right up. ;)

Okay. I thought #13 meant that you were supposed to leave the device completely sealed up, which is untrue. They probably have a newer phone that doesn't come apart without actually unscrewing or potentially breaking things.

That sucks, you cant just buy phones like you can with donuts

Are cell phones not bought with money anymore? Damn, I knew Verizon only wanted my soul...

I'm pretty sure he means a $500 phone is a lot more than a dozen donuts.

I'm pretty sure you've never heard of sarcasm

#48, there's sarcasm on the internet!? What!?

You don't seem you know chocolate donuts

You always save the donuts first

I agree. Donuts are for dipping in milk, not water.

the fml said the doughnuts were in a box. tothing wouldve happened to them but the box would get a little wet.

With great powers come great responsibilities, and she definitely put her powers of lightening reflexes to good use. Your sister is a hero.


Unless one's grammatical and/or spelling error is so terrible that it's painful to read or difficult to comprehend, let it go. Mistakes happen.

what were you expecting her to save?

Agreed. It's not like it has her phone or her papers!

You would pick the phone and papers over doughnuts.. you must be crazy

Totally worth it I mean it was a whole BOX of donuts!

Donut make the mistake of spilling water near papers and your cell phone again.

but then again, water the chances of that happening?

a kid has to have priorities, wet donuts would be horrible .