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Today, my 7 year old daughter decided to use my laptop without my permission. She accidentally got SpaghettiOs on the screen, then used the hard side of a sponge, filled with soapy water, to scrub both the keyboard and screen of my laptop to clean it off so Mommy wouldn't know. FML
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kellster 2

I guess you shouldn't have left it in her reach, or her unattended with it, if she couldn't be trusted to be obey you. I hope you're teaching her a lesson about honesty and obedience here! That said, sorry about your laptop. :/


#1 wins. OP fails. If your daughter is young enough to do shit like that, you should not be leaving her so unattended that that could happen! What if she instead put the power cord in her mouth? If you think it's ok to leave her unattended, at least baby-proof the house and hide your valuables. YDI. You never hear of kids accidentally ruining a $3 thrift store table cloth or something. No, it's always expensive electronics.

tyhillman 0

I think it would be fine if she put the power cord in her mouth. The electrode is so far down on computer chargers, you can't lick it if you tried. You can still get shocked if you lick a cell phone charger. It hurts. Bad.

Yeah, but (I'm not sure how old this kid is, so I'm guessing here) toddlers chew on things. A lot. Eventually, they could get down to the bare wire. Still, I wouldn't test the safety of it on MY kid, but then, that's just me.

She's 7 :P Go figure, this is one of the few FMLs that actually gives important details.

I know that at least Mac power cords will shock you pretty badly if you lick them... or have them shoved into your mouth. Don't ask how. :(

OOPS! Reading fail on my part. Ok, she's old enough to know better. Plenty old enough. Unless she's mentally handicapped, which she may be. See? Licking the power cord CAN hurt you. Age aside, if she is....unaware enough to **** up a computer that bad, she may think licking the power cord is a good idea.

You're a moron. You can't just guard a 7 year old like it's a diamond or something, even small kids need some freedom and she tried to fix what she messed up... The FML is that OPs laptop had to be part of the learning process, but hey that's to expect when you have kids so I dont really think it's that bad, the data is salvageable and a new laptop isnt that expensive...

Oh yessss, I'm a moron for my opinions. I wish someone would stone you to death, you pathetic waste of space. Is your ass nice and cozy, or do you just like wearing it for a hat? You can, as a matter of fact, watch your ******* child. It's not rocket science. You can ALSO, as I said, put your precious belongings in a place that she can't get to. She's lived with the kid for 7 years. She knows how clumsy/responsible/etc. the kid is. I've read your other posts. You're a shitty excuse for a troll. So shut the **** up. Also, guard a kid like it's a diamond? WHAT!? Don't procreate, since you think diamonds are more valuable.

Did you know, #25, that laptops can be put away, hidden, or even locked up? Moreover, parents can use this knowledge to their advantage! See, if the parent does not want to mix children with laptops, said parent does not need to protect both at once - simply removing the laptop to an area beyond the child's capability will actually work just fine. The more you know...

blah, Eff your life? You have a kid and shit and you dont like your life.....?


redbluegreen, I love you. Your comment is made of WIN.

YDI for leaving a 7 year old unattended.

gigi37 0

#46, I definitely agree with you that by 7 years of age, this kid will know how to be around the computer, but if you reread the fml, you will see that the daughter did NOT have permission to be on the computer. It seems that there is an established rule that the daughter has to ask before using the computer, and she definitely did not ask and then this whole mess happened.

That's because kids DON'T ruin $3 thrift store junk. It just doesn't happen for some reason. It's ALWAYS the living room carpet, the electronics, the jewelry, the expensive bathroom products,anything that can be sawed, the car...

Trevv 0

@29 she coulda Benny in the bathroom or on the phone in the other room... it doesn't take a long time to spill spaghettios or get a soapy sponge...

Trevv 0

*been... damn autocorrect...

Have you raised kids? I think everyone here is SERIOUSLY underestimating the power a seven year old possesses for getting into shenanigans. This is like a key age for crap like this.

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kellster 2

Please never have children. Not cool.

Whats so bad about hitting your kids? And don't say because they will turn out like you.

A lot of people apparently believe that discipline = abuse now. When I was a kid, if I did something bad, I got the leather belt to my bare ass! Sure as hell put ME in line!

Depends on how you hit them. I don't see anything wrong with spanking, if only to shock your kid into paying attention. However, anything beyond a sharp pat on the rear doesn't really do much to help a kid learn what's right and wrong - what it does do is make the kid scared of you, and teaches them to not get caught next time.

Here in New Zealand, parents can go to jail for smacking there children. Epic fail on the governments behalf.


my parents (both) beat the hell out of me when I was a kid, and, I'm with Denis Leary on this one, I'm ****** glad they did. I was a rotten shit growing up. And they put me in line. Sure, it won't work for every kid, but a light smack helps get the point across that their behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. It's a much better alternative to them potentially hurting themselves much worse doing something stupid. I'm not saying I'm gonna beat my kids. But I am saying that if they do something incredibly stupid that warrants it, they will get a light smack or 2.

fmlfmlfml15 0

Now that I look back, I'm glad my parents smacked some sense into me. Nowadays my parents' idea of discipline is called child abuse. Sometimes a "time-out" or a "stern talking to" doesn't cut it.

YEP! Mine did as well, Fuck children are getting away with too much shit thease days, they need a swif kick in the ass and a smack across the head! Anyone who calls that child abuse can suck 3

Dude, I knew better than to do what the OPs daughter did when I was 5. The average 7 year old is not that retarded. Most people don't feel the need to lock their computer from their own kids. Said kids should be mature enough to be alone for 30 ******* minutes in a room (which is more than enough time to do all she did to the OP's computer). .............Her trying to fix it broke the computer even more than it already was. That's why it's in the FML -_-

Discipline ... good Abuse... bad As much as I understand the whole my mom hit me with a belt and I turned out fine mentality there are some parents who take it too far and they feel that if they brought the child into the world they have every right to take it out again. Or maybe I am just biased because my boyfriend grandparents used to lock him in a closet with his limbs duct taped together and called it a game...

yeah, WTF???! when i was seven i knew how to use a pc rather well actualy! your kid needs some serious catching up to do, sorry.

I agree with this. My brother was playing computer games on his own at about 3-4. And at 7, you should have pretty good motor skills and not dump your food all over everything. That's not my issue, though, because accidents happen at any age. I just don't know why the kid thought wiping it with a damn soapy sponge was a good idea. I'm not trying to be a bitch, but this kid sounds a bit slow, to say the least.

So true. BTW OP: if it's expensive and easily damaged, don't rely on trusting the kid, use a padlock too. Better safe than sorry. I swear children damage things so easily.

@99: Darn post didn't thread below the right one. @ all those who promote hitting the kid: Hitting kids just makes them try harder not to get caught next time. Like using steel wool or something to scratch off every little stain. Which means they mess things up even worse and claim that someone stole the computer (when in fact they buried it in the garden. And to those who say that "I turned out okay"? No you didn't. You think that hitting kids is completely normal and even expected of you. That in itself proves you didn't turn out okay. If anything a more appropriate punishment would be to take away from the kid something they really treasure for a week or so (don't tell them how long it will be taken away for though), and get them to save their pocket money up to buy their own things (a cheap computer is easy to come by these days).


look, I'm not saying it's ok or expected of me to ABUSE my kid. just because i use the term a litle more loosely than you do, doesn't make m e a bad person. I mean, am I gonna hit my kid over every little thing? no. Am I going to beat them with a hammer? Never. But, in a situation like this where they destroyed something trying to clean it because they didn't have permission to use it in the first place, they'd get a good talking to, and a spanking. possibly a punch to the kidneys. (that last one was a joke, I'd never do something like that.) my point is, there is an acceptable level of discipline. Being one of the ones who got it much farther past the acceptable level, I know better where to make the distinction. And I'm still just stable enough to know not to cross it.

The daughter told the mother that she spilled spaghetti O's on it after the mother found out and confronted her. She either told the mother which side of the sponge she used, or she walked in while she was trying to clean it and noticed which side of the sponge she was washing with.

Trevv 0

@7 there is a difference between abuse and discipline. Look at the latest generation of kids. Now look at the generations that did get physical discipline. See a difference? Which one is more beneficial to society? And yes, I know there are some exceptions but as a whole, the current generation is quite difficult and erratic.


also, for anyone who may check this one still, I'm with the people who say 'look at past generations vs. the more recent ones. kids are getting into worse things earlier and earlier these days. But this country has gone from awesome to pansy in just a few decades. It used to be, get out of line and get a smack for it. NOW it's get out of line and get a talking to, or get grounded, or something weak that won't teach them shit. this country has lost it's way. why do you think that kids these days are getting into drugs and losing their virginity and any other form of innocence by the ages of 12 to 13? because the mildest strike is regarded as 'abuse' these days. (also, all you ****-nuts out there, I'm not preaching abstinence OR drug resistance. I'm just saying that kids these days are getting into these things at an alarmingly early age, and I feel like it directly corrolates to this country getting softer and softer.)

#129: This generation? You mean the minors? Yes, ofcourse the generation that has grown up and started working has been more beneficial than the ones that haven't. Doesn't mean society is getting worse or whatever #130: No, you idiot, that kind of shit happened with the last generation too.

that's kinda amusing seeing as the last few generations include the hippies.

that wouldn't teach her child abuser much ?

kellster 2

I guess you shouldn't have left it in her reach, or her unattended with it, if she couldn't be trusted to be obey you. I hope you're teaching her a lesson about honesty and obedience here! That said, sorry about your laptop. :/

loserlikenoneoth 0

I was going to reply to this sarcastically, but somehow you strike me as the type of person too stupid to realize I'm kidding. Have a nice day.

oohlalaura 0

7 years old.... were you on your laptop when she was 2 or 3 and you were supposed to be teaching her to not touch what isn't hers without permission?! YDI, educated kids know better than that, and aren't stupid enough to pour soap on top of a laptop. She can't be seven.

I agree with #15. This is either fake or that is one shit for brains 7 year old

Kids don't really think that their mommy's stuff that they use all the time isn't theirs. Although they do know not to pour soap all over a lap top. Seriously, I don't know why a 7 year old needs permission to use the computer in the first place :/ .

elara15 0

I've missed the entire point of this FML because all I want to do is eat a can of Spaghetti-O's now.

Same. Then again, they're all I ever think about. ¬.¬

p1loter 0

same here. I think I'll get them for lunch after my morning classes.

ihatestupidppl 0

(#58, FML had posted my comment as a reply to yours, so i had to do some editing lol. sorry about that!)

I don't remember...but I'm pretty sure I was smart enough to know better than to use a wet sponge on electronics when I was 7. If not, my game consoles would have been fried a long time ago. I have a feeling OP may be a little at fault here.