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Today, I spilled some milk on my laptop. I was pretty sure it would be fine as it was only a bit of milk. While cleaning the residue, I knocked a whole bucket of water into the insides of the laptop. RIP Macbook. FML
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You put a large bucket of water next to your Macbook? You deserved it. Computers liquids = dumbass.

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yes, when I surf the web I always have my handy bucket of water at a reachable distance. can't trust that firefox...


that was my first thoughts and exactly that face too

of course not, how else would apple make that little extra bit of cash??? hahaha i love apple products but they really know how to screw their customers. i just wish they stop making such cool shit so i could hate them to the full extent that a man can hate a company...

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Water and milk near a laptop.... anyone could have seen it coming.

that's what you get for owning a mac stick with pc's, much better

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you gotta be kidding....a pc? come on now anyone with half a brain would never spend their hard earned money on a ****** pc

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Macs are Awesome. PCs are okay but Macs ... Better. They look cooler, can run both Mac OS and Windows, and have all these sweet features built in like iWeb and Safari. Oh well I don't feel like having a Nerdy computer fight anyways. OP you should have learned by now, never keep Milk and/or Water next to a laptop. They are enemies to the Technilogical world and if not monitered, they will do what they do best ... Destroy!

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I knew there was going to be arguing over owning a Mac as soon as I read the doesn't matter!! Macs are good for some stuff and PCs are good for other stuff.

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@109: You notice how most of the "I broke an expensive electronic device" involve apple products? Either apple products suck as electronic devices, or apple customers suck at not breaking their electronics. Go ahead, pick one.

So you'd pay twice as much for a product b/c it "looks cool"? Congrats, you're a mac fan-boy. (By the way, your reference to "built in features" is an internet browser. Those are, by the way, free on any operating system.)

Personally, I did not shell out the premium because it's cool. In fact, I've been using Macs for quite some time before it was "cool" to do so. No, I want two things from a computer: compatibility and reliability. Windows is the best when it comes to compatibility, but it sucks on the reliability front. When I used to use Linux, there was never any "downtime," but I didn't like the lack of true compatibility with the Windows world. So, I bought a Mac, since it offered the best of both worlds. Naturally, the best of both worlds costs a premium, but I accept that because I got what I paid for.

hah apple users don't use their brains thats why they ended up with a mac to begin with.

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ydi for having a bucket of water anywhere near your laptop

Ha how ironic.. today has a holiday.. Don't cry over spilled milk day

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most macs cost twice as much as a pc

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How are you online when you have no computer?

Am I the only person who read this and immediately thought, "the little bit of milk was much more destructive than the large portions of water?" Seriously, to fix water on electronics, just let it air out over a few days. The milk, however, will destroy electronics, as it contains sugar.

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you deserve that for spending money on a mac.

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I go to the store and see a mac it costs 300$ I see a pc 200 I see repair rates mac $300 pc $25

yeah but wen u buy a mac u no longer HAVE any hard earned money

whats ur deal with liquid around ur mac

#123. Did you really just say that Macs can run Windows? If your running Windows on a Mac then sell your overpriced Mac and buy a PC. Hey I got a question for all of you. Would you rather have a Macbook Pro, or an Alienware mx-17?

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I hope you're kidding. If not then Not true. Many prefer a PC. Doesn't mean they don't even half a brain. You're the one who doesn't even have half a brain if you're seriously thinking like that

Agreed. YDI for buying that piece of shit in the first place.

up yours, unlike you, I use a Mac for work and it's great. What did my dad's Microsoft labtop do when I did an essay? It froze after I saved my essay.

...Your argument probably would've been more effective if the laptop had frozen BEFORE you saved the essay...

I agree. While my windows computer does inconveniently freeze often unlike a mac, at least it does so AFTER I save. Plus Microsoft was smart enough to realize that their software was crashing, and though they didn’t actually fix the bug that causes the crash, they did add an autosave and restore feature! Come on, it’s a creative solution that saves them work on the short term! Even though it’s just a text editor, and shouldn’t be very large, they cleverly reuse old code and add onto the outside instead of rewriting everything, and with hundreds of magabytes of old code to look through, they can’t actually be expected to find and fix the problem! Though the Apple people actually do fix their bugs, if they make any, they only have to look through 10 megabytes of code in their text editor

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#153 >your Cool grammar, bro. And Macs suck. I run a Vista operated PC and I have never had it crash randomly - only when absolute loads of shit are running. Steam and the occasional hl2.exe crash more often.

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LOL PC's are such a joke. Why would you get a pirated prototype version of a Mac? That's right, Bill Gates pirated Apple's Mac OS and made this sloppy piece of dog shit he calls Windows. It's not even the full Mac, its a ****** prototype. That's why Windows get viruses and ****** bluescreens while Macs run without a single issue.

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actually 226 macs stole their stuff from pc get over your self and you have poopooed on

as a matter of fact, Mac stole their OS from xerox also, let's not have this debate, I used to be a PC fan (still am and still don't like macs) however, I realized, this PC/MAC debate benefits no one, unless u make money off it, it is not in any way making your life better the Mac people enjoy being fruity, that's their choice and us PC's should respect that

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It all depends on what you want. Macs are workhorses made to be fast and efficient, pc's are entertainment centers crammed into whatever ram capacity and hard drive space is affordable.

That is the single most ignorant comment I have read. If you don't know what you are talking about don't talk.

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that's what you get for putting a full bucket near your laptop, idiot lol.

This, especially to clean up just a "bit" of milk.

Seriously, WTF? I can understand a glass of water... but why was there a BUCKET sitting there?

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for Mac vs PC, would you rather be locked in your house with little freedom and no viruses or have a lot of freedom and occasionally get a virus?

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My last PC literally caught on fire. That's why I have a Mac today. I'll four finger swipe circles around you windows lovers! Haw haw haw!

You put a large bucket of water next to your Macbook? You deserved it. Computers liquids = dumbass.

I was about to say the same shit like who really keeps a bucket of water beside their labtop let alone on a desk near any electrical appliance if the op would have said I spilled the rest of the milk on the labtop then it would be a fyl but ydi for being an idot call Steve jobs for employment u and him share the same idiocy

There's supposed to be a plus sign between computers and liquids.

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YDI. This sounds fake anyway...who keeps a bucket of water near a computer. Idiot.

As illogical as it may be, I'm guessing the bucket of water was to clean up the milk..... which is a cleaning fail on the OP's part. My biggest question is this: if OP was cleaning out the inside of the laptop, surely there wouldn't be power, and wouldn't it just be a matter of letting it dry thoroughly before re-powering it?

Why were you using your laptop in the middle of a liquid minefield? "hmm, glass of milk, bucket of water, I'm a risk taker." *sets laptop down* "Oh no! it spilled! I totally didn't see THAT coming!"

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...Where did that milk come from?

Ajjas013 6

...No foreplay on the computer then YDI!

maybe you should one of those laptops with water proof keyboards

I wonder how many people are going to say "OMFG YDI 4 HAVING MACBOOK!!!11!!!1!!" *waits*

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I wonder how many people want to slap this guy. *waits*

wait I got this! (slaps MacBook fanboy across the face like the little black boy in the doritos commercial) STAY AWAY FROM MY DORITOS!!!!!!!¡!¡

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your beimg racist to the racist race

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nice one. if there ever is a MacBook at stake, make sure there's not a huge ass bucket of water next to it.