By Maria39018 - United States
  Today, my boyfriend and I decided to be totally honest with each other. We even told some of our deepest, darkest secrets, in hopes of strengthening our relationship. He told me he had a diaper fetish, and would love to see me in one. There goes my sex life. FML
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By  Chfanfiction  |  0

Hey, don't knock people's fetishes. There are much, much weirder ones. Be lucky he's got one that's easy to do and not THAT messed up. And what's the big deal? Yes, it's a tad weird, but there are worse.

  diet_otaku  |  0

i agree. what kind of way is that to treat him after he told you that in confidence? it's not like he's asking you to drink human blood or something. put the damn diaper on and let the man enjoy himself for once.

  dstl  |  0

I can't believe people are freaking out over a diaper??!?!?! A diaper fetish has nothing to do with babies or liking babies. They like diapers that is why its called a diaper fetish. If they liked babies then it would be called a baby fetish aka pedophilia which has nothing to do with liking diapers. A bunch of gay guys wear panties and thongs but they don't like women. I don't understand how wearing and liking a piece of clothing automatically means you like everyone else who wears that piece of clothing. Some people are just dumb. People shouldn't talk bad on something they know nothing about.


jesus christ the the told you his deepest secrets and you run to FML about how bad you're life is. I wouldn't want a girlfriend like you. He obviously thought he could trust you, jesus you could of just told him no you didn't have to tell everyone....

  shuse  |  0

Someone needs to learn their definitions. Pedophile applies to a child, i.e. before puberty - prepubescent. So being attracted to babies would be pedophilia. Hebephilia is the attraction to pubescent youths and ephebophilia an attraction to older adolescent teens.

The more you know... about fucked up shit.

P.S. quick look into paraphilic infantilism, it's the attraction of being a baby. Not fucking a baby. Still ...yeah. But different.

  mari678  |  0

It doesn't matter what the names are for liking different under-aged children because none of that relates to this FML. Liking any kind or age of children has nothing to do with either a diaper fetish or paraphilic infantilism. Pointing out random facts that don't relate to the topic is pointless. The facts are that there is a difference between a diaper fetish and paraphilic infantilism. NOT ALL DIAPER LOVERS ARE PARAPHILIC INFATILISTS! She didn't say her boyfriend wanted to be a baby and do baby things. She just said he likes diapers, which are as dstl said just a piece of clothing and nothing to go crazy over.

  Creston  |  0

Like #163 said. Seriously? The guy just told you one of his deepest secrets and the first thing you do is go off and post it on a freaking PUBLIC WEBSITE?!


And by the way, liking diapers does not equal to liking babies. He asked OP to wear the diaper, he didn't ask to impregnate the OP and have the baby wear the diaper. Geez.

  BakedApplePie  |  0

i agree with number 93 dont have kids with him that is creepy as hell

on the other hand if you dont want or never will have kids just wear them LOL think when your 60 he will still want to have sex with you ;)

  insomniacdude  |  0

@234: You need to check your world view.

1: Paraphilia has no relationship with pedophilia or infantophilia. If you actually looked at some facts instead of talking blindly out of your ass, you would see that there is almost no overlap between paraphilia and the other two. Regular joes like you and me are more likely to be pedophiles or infantophiles than OP's boyfriend.

2. What the fuck 60 year old do you know that wears diapers? Shit, retirement in the US isn't usually even until 65, and companies now are pushing that back to 67 and beyond. You think people are going about running the country but can't control when to take a shit? Gimme a break. Seniors typically don't start needing things like that until well into their 70s (more often 80s) and even then only a minority needs them.

Facts. Learn to use them.

  Marakara  |  0

YDI for thinking that your boyfriend's deep dark secret would be anything but a deep dark secret. Did you expect it to be that he was too committed or too trusting?

By  Chfanfiction  |  0

Hey, don't knock people's fetishes. There are much, much weirder ones. Be lucky he's got one that's easy to do and not THAT messed up. And what's the big deal? Yes, it's a tad weird, but there are worse.

  thyaftermath  |  0

i mean i get how GUYS can be into the freakiest shit.. because eventually classic
playboy magazines just don't cut it.
a diaper?? eewwww. wtf?
if she knew what was best for her, she would keep kids the fuck away from the weirdo.
what fetish is weirder?

  SaintJimmy  |  0

There's this one fetish I read about where men have fantasies where they serve their own daughters for dinner to their family. Another one is where you try and get your sexual partner too fat to move. Rule #34, man.

  Samazoid  |  0

Wow someone's a bit fucking ignorant. Just because someone has a fetish doesn't mean they chose to have it or mean they want it, or mean that they are a fucking sick disgusting twisted person like you're describing. Also you're making it sound like just men have creepy fetishes.

  rkr7  |  0

Why is it always furries that get the worst rap? Seriously. Everybody has fetishes. We can't control them, and neither can you. What difference does some stranger's preferance make to YOU?

  Starayo  |  1

Furries get a bad rap not (usually) because people don't like their fetish but because they're so exceedingly defensive about their fetish that an inevitable shitstorm brews wherever they go.

  xLovey  |  3

Do you know how many chicks like to be tied up? A lot. Only one in a million creeps who were probably molested as a small child (which of course isn't their fault) like diapers.

  Thoureau  |  0

@ xLovely: Wow, you're a fucking bitch. What does molestation have anything to do with diaper fetishism? You call them creeps because they think diapers are hot, yet you say that it isn't their fault for being molested, and you find fantasizing about getting raped hot. As someone with the fetish (I've never worn diapers, but I find them hot provided that pedophilia isn't involved), I find it insulting that you would generalize people because of something they like.

I don't have a problem with people who have fantasies of getting rape hot, even though I don't see why you would, considering the whole point of rape is that the victim is unwilling to consent (so if anything, you're made up statistic would apply to this than it would diapers, but what do I know about fetishes other than the ones that I have).

I know that your remark is 4 months old, but I'm still pissed off by your statement.

  BeerLotus  |  0

I'm sick of people like you who post this kind of comment. Look through all the negative stuff being said about her. Did she refuse to have sex with him? No. Did she say she freaked out? No. Does it look like there is any indication in her post that she responded in any negative way to her boyfriend? No, you would see that if you actually read and understood what she said. You guys all just get pissed because someone else doesn't like a fetish. It is her choice and it is not being open-minded if you just try anything someone wants you to. If your partner came home and said "I have a fetish for amputee's, can I cut off a limb? It would be so sexy." you would probably say NOOOOO. She knows she doesn't like the fetish, she just said her sex life was fucked because its not something she wants to do. Her post actually looks like a person who loved her boyfriend and is unhappy because she just won't be able to deal with that fetish and it will probably cause a lot of trouble in the future.

For those of you saying "how dare you post his secret!", I have a secret for you, THIS IS THE INTERNET! The internet is anonymous, its not like she posted a picture and name on a billboard with the words baby-fucker.

Yes she could have responded better and no all diaper-fetishists are scat lovers and it really has no connection to pedophilia, but that doesn't mean its something everyone can do, and you should accept that. Think about it from another persons point of view before you go calling them close-minded.

  BeerLotus  |  0

And that post is any better than mine how? Good job giving your opinion on how you don't like the fact that I'm giving mine. I have fetishes just like her boyfriend, but I decided to find someone I could be with mentally and physically.

  diet_otaku  |  0

"Did she refuse to have sex with him?"
perhaps you missed the part where she says "THERE GOES MY SEX LIFE"? implying that she will no longer be having sex with him?

  BeerLotus  |  0

That may be how you see it, but that is not what it says. There is nothing to support that she is refusing to have normal sex with him, she just doesn't want to have anything to do with the diaper fetish. People should pay attention to wording, there are always many ways to interpret what someone is saying, don't just assume because you think that is what she means even though it is not what she said.

  mike1921  |  0

#49 If her sex life is fucked because of her boyfriend's fetish that means she won't have regular sex with him now, why? Because him telling her about that fetish wouldn't effect her sex life at all unless she either agreed to wear a diaper or stopped having regular sex with him because of it. Either that or he's an ass who won't have sex with his girlfriend unless she does something to appeal to his fetish.

Someone in the relationship has to be an asshole for his fetish to become a problem in the future. I have a rape fetish, and if I had girlfriend who also liked that kind of thing I'd do some ...painful things to her and I'd love it. But, if I have a girlfriend who doesn't like that, it wouldn't be a problem in the slightest.


People like you are the reason why I considered suicide at the age of 14 because I thought no one would accept me for my fetish for feet. Luckily I told one of my friends and he said that he didn't care.

  Destinyx  |  0

Can you blame them though,
I mean Diapers are usually related to babies.
Sure some people with conditions need them, but the most immediate thought, is

diapers = baby's
so when that becomes a sexual matter
diapers + sex = baby's + sex = pedophillia.
Which is why most people would assume he's a potential people, yes it's stereotypical, but the fact his fetish does sound like something a pedo might have.

Not that i think it is, i just think he's an odd fish in that big sea.
But hey, least he wont be as bothered by sanitary towels as most men are haha :D

  therealmike  |  0

You know what else a pedo might have? A car.

Look at how much schoolgirl-related sexual material exists on the net. Do you seriously think all of the consumers of that material are pedophiles?

Pedophiles like CHILDREN, the same way you like women (or men). If you're a straight man, imagine asking your best male friend to wear a dress so that you can have sex with him. Does this turn you on? For 99% of you, the answer is HELL NO. It would be the same thing for a pedophile. They're not interested in child-related paraphernalia, they're interested in CHILDREN.

This is just a standard issue fetish. Slightly unusual, but nothing particularly out of the ordinary. It says nothing bad about him at all, and certainly doesn't indicate any sort of pedophilia.

  Destinyx  |  0

I said i DIDN'T think it was true in this case,
I was merely pointing out how it can be seen as pedophillia.
& whether it be 'nothing out of the ordinary' or now certain facotrs have linked, and not everything thinksa the process through enough to understand how it's not pedophillia, to be honest i sure loads of people have never even heard of a diaper fetish, so they would probably think that it was related to a pedo because like a said diapers make people think of babies, you can't deny that, baby's and diapers go together in the same catagory.

I repeat I DON'T THINK THIS, but it's understandable that some might, and you can't blame them for thinking it.

What i'm trying to say is, lay off people just because they have an opinion, Even if their opinion is wrong or rude. If we weren't entitled to opinions, the world would be boring.


Do you realize how fucking dumb what you just said was? If everyone has the right to an opinion, that obviously means that people have the right to have opinions about other's opinions.

  Destinyx  |  0

Why do i bother?
Can't people just be less arguementative, opinions don't have to be harsh do they?
Saying something like "I disagree" is alot less confrontational than "FUCK YOU, YOUR WRONG"
Cause argueing over the internet is so time-worthy.
Geez, The world is a nasty and violent place.

  depotst  |  0

I get what she's saying, partialisms and paraphilias don't make you a freak any more than preferring brunettes or midgets...

But diapers are associated with babies, when people like us think of diapers we might think of babies, not sex...

bras make me think of boobs...

  kawa_fml  |  0

like I said below, it's not that odd, the neck has a bunch of erogenous zones...make sure you tell him that. I wouldn't even really say it's a fetish, because of that.