By Terry - 13/07/2009 04:28 - United States

Today, my friend called to say my boyfriend was at a diner with another woman. I immediately went and caught them in a deep conversation. I slapped him and yelled "Who's this bitch!?" It turns out she's his half sister. FML
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Why would you slap him before you ask who the girl is? YDI.


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*slap your brother's face* "Who's THIS bitch?"

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he could just be having dinner with a friend..? guys can have other friends who are girls.

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Wow, OP, way to fail at life. YDI.

I ****** HATE girls like this! then when you walk in on her having sex with some dude she says "oh it not how it looks" and she expects you to forgive her -.- that's why I stick with my xbox and mw2.

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223 I agree with you completely .

Why would you slap him before you ask who the girl is? YDI.

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It's his HALF-sister. 9/10 times it isn't your sister, your half sister, or your cousin. I think you all are just too caught up with the actions of the girl. Switch half-sister to second girlfriend and the FYL and YDI flip flop.

Of course we're caught up on the actions of the girl. She slapped her boyfriend because he was at a DINER and having CONVERSATION. Nothing at all about that implies cheating. I hope he breaks up with her.

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Exactly, even if it wasn't anyone related to him. Just because you have a girlfriend it doesn't ban you from social interaction with other women.

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My husband's half sister is a little Mexican girl. In 10 years, she will be a beautiful grown woman and they will look nothing alike with his blue eyes and blonde hair . It's completely plausible that this really IS his half sister and the OP is a lunatic for slapping him over nothing.

Yeah holy shit. Heaven forbid... 99% of my friends are guys, if my fiance ever freaked out on me because I was hanging out with one of them I would be furious beyond words, whether he had previous met them or not. It's called TRUST.

Exactly. And jumping to conclusions and being jealous and violent and... I could go on and on... YDI and you'd deserve it if he broke up with you too.

Wow. I feel bad for your boyfriend. You're a horrible girlfriend with major trust issues. YDI.

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Dignity issues probably do make for a terrible girlfriend though. Walks into restaurant shouts and lashes out. No class. No dignity. Some flavour of mental health issue to by the sounds of it.

Frankly, having her hit me for no good reason would be an automatic disqualification, much as it would be if I had hit her.

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#33: You mean the way she wrote him off?

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People do use the word "whilst" dumbass. OP: You're a bitch. I hope he dumped you right there. What if it was just a friend too? Are you the only girl he's allowed to know? YDI in every way possible.

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Oh yeah. It's terrible writing when people have a bigger vocabulary. That statement makes you seem really thick. 'Thick' is a synonym for stupid by the way. Just so ya know. I think i'm going to go take a shower whilst my downloads are going. DOHOHOHOHO

Stop typing in all caps to make it seem like you are yelling.

Quit with that "I need rules to show me how to type" bullshit.

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176... Whilst is a fairly commonly used word, and yes it appears in many books. In what way it is obnoxious? I think you're the obnoxious one, jumping on somebody's post for no apparent reason.

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it's in a ton of books dumbass

#176, I read a lot of books and yes whilst is used in a lot of books. I suggest you start reading books above a third grade reading level and educate yourself

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I hope he breaks up with you if he hasn't already. he deserves better.

Yeah, classic... in an "I'm-pretty-sure-I've-heard-this-before" kind of a way.