By greek_dancer - United States
Today, I went to the mall and had to parallel park. It took me 10 to 12 minutes of maneuvering before I got into the slot. When I turned off the car and got out, there were 8 people laughing hysterically and clapping for me. FML
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  leaper66  |  12

Hmm, OP = woman! Let me take the liberty of quoting you, Idiot! Anyways, getting back to his FML the others are right, how is this an FML sure it sucks you can't parallel park but if you could.. you would be one of those 8 people laughing hysterically.

  iBimmer  |  0

YDI for having a cheap ass car with no power-steering or parking sensors. If your car does have those, then why so DI.

You also DI for being a woman.

  SimpleSimon  |  0

You're an idiot.

Technology can never be used to compensate for ineptitude.

Also, having parking sensors and PAS makes little difference, the reason people struggle to parallel park is due to poor understanding of how they need to maneuver the car to get into the space, not physical inability to work the controls or see in the mirrors.

  nomadxx7  |  0

#2 is right. A lot of women lack the ability to use visual-spacial skills for many things. They can't take an object and rotate it in their mind and make it look like something different.

Men on average have a standard deviation higher spatial intelligence quotient than women.[1] This domain is one of the few where clear sex differences in cognition appear. It has also been found that spatial ability correlates with verbal ability in women but not in men, suggesting that women may use different strategies for spatial visualization tasks than men do.

I'm not saying women can't parallel park but if a man and a woman were to attempt to parallel park, the man would do it faster and easier than a woman. Nothing to get mad at, just realize studies have proven it.

  greenburbon  |  0

Lamo! #2, you're correct! A lot of females cannot drive as well as males. However, I am not saying that every guy is good at driving, and I do acknowledge that there are some good female drivers out there :p


It's the same in Canada. If you can't parallel park within a reasonable amount of time, you FAIL! 10-12 minutes?? It shouldn't even take you 5. But I would totally be the one standing there laughing at you.

  plutosaplanet  |  0

I can parallel park on the first try.... my boyfriend takes like 7 tries if then. it depends on how much you have had doing it and practiced in your life. I'm pretty sure not everyone on here saying they can do it was able to do it at first.

  Duckasaurus  |  0

I was thinking that exactly, the failblog video and this situation seem identidentical, except, a man didn't get out of his car and help the OP. Funny shit. Woman suck at driving.

  diet_otaku  |  0

107 - because it was sexist. just because some women have a hard time behind the wheel doesn't mean ALL women do, and there are men who have a hard time as well. it makes no difference whether the OP is a man or a woman.

  quackbuzzwoof  |  0

If a woman sucks at driving it's ok so this really isn't an FML but if a man sucks at driving everyone else on the road hates thinks they need to go die in a fiery plane crash.

  kath91  |  0

I've been driving 6 months (and had to parallel park on my test) and I need to do it all the time - the streets are quite narrow here and lined with cars, if you can't parallel park you're fucked.

  ColdplaySucks  |  18

If you're reading this an dont know how to parallel park, here's how I learned it.

1. Have your back bumper align with the back bumper of the car in front of said parallel parking spot and put car in reverse.

2. Turn wheel all the way to the right. Then ease into the spot.

3. Turn wheel all the way to the left when your car makes a 45 degree angle to the curb.

  mtmaclean  |  1

It's people like you that make me realize how great my life is. I could be a miserable cunt like you. BTW I was driving standards at age 5. We're you or most other people at that age? Probably not! Does that make them idiots or less competent than me? Certainly not as I was given an opportunity then that others weren't. Everyone learns at different ages and times. If only everyone was as perfect as you......

  DeltaDragonxx  |  20

#216 A lot of kids that live on farms do, not to mention if you live in a auto racing family, they get you started on go karts young. You want to be good, you gotta practice.