By FMyThroat - 18/01/2013 00:39 - Peru - Lima

Today, after battling for hours to get just a little sleep before my early morning work shift, I finally began drifting off. Then I got the worst attack of hiccups in my life. FML
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lmz1986 10

I'm not sure if OP's username would actually help the situation, but whatever works.


Then just drink some water...should fix it.

mpj13 8

Water you talking about? That never works.

Really? I'm not actually sure about this. It always works for me.

I'm pretty sure water does work. Hiccups are caused by air bubbles trapped in your esophagus. Or at least that's what my brother told me.

laya_fml 26

I get terrible, painful hiccups all the time. Water never works for me. :( I'm jealous of you guys!

teamlightskin 14

Hiccups are caused by spasms of the diaphragm. Im not sure if it works for anyone else, but when i get them i just eat a spoonful of sugar! Takes it away and tastes good!! Water never works for me.

Ok this is what you need to do hop on your left foot ten times, then do ten spins counter clockwise, when you stop make sure you're facing south. Then hop on your right foot ten times, then do ten spins clockwise when you stop make sure you're facing east this time.( very important to stop in right direction). When you're done with all this do one front flip and one back flip, after this your hiccups should be gone. If hiccups do not stop repeat as many times as needed.

I take 3 deep breaths and hold it with all my might. After suppressing a couple, they usually stop.

Take 6 sips of water with no breath in between. Then take 7 sips with a deep breath between each one. If hiccups interrupt the process, start over. What always works for me. Just plain drinking water doesn't help

I always hold my breath and then swallow it. And the hiccups vanish.

♫Stand in the place where you live (now face north)...♫

Was it the type of hiccups that make you burp at the same time?

That's torturous. At least it wasn't diarrhea.

At least your family wasn't kidnapped, your dog didn't die, and that guy at work didn't eat your sandwich. But really, insomnia is never fun.

Psych101 9

9- I disagree. Have you seen Fight Club?

Ummmm we don't know what you're talking about. ;)

*punches 44 in the face, then disposes of the body*

Who is talking about the fight club? *raises fist*

lmz1986 10

I'm not sure if OP's username would actually help the situation, but whatever works.

U_GotitDude 18

I don't recommend it, but whatever floats your boat...

Sir_ND_Pity 35

I can just imagine OP wrestling with her insomnia in good ol' fashion wrestling match, with the outfit and mat and referee and a cheering crowd in the back. Insomnia does a double carry and slams OP. OP counters and rolls Insomnia over for the pin. One, two-but then Hiccups comes out of nowhere and rattles OP! Down goes OP! She is then double pinned and loses the match! Moral of the story: both Insomnia and Hiccups suck. Sorry OP, maybe next time you will be the undisputed wrestling champion!

Lack of sleep always blows.. When I'm tired at work Ill do some push ups, get the blood flowing...

wlddog 14

That isn't impressive. You work with children. By the way, stop napping at work.

and you'll get diabetes if you keep that up.

Haha yeah, you'll be the next Wilford Brimley..

oui230 4

actually a spoonfull of sugar works well in most people. it overloads the nerves in the abdomen and stops the hiccups.

Not to mention having to wait till you crash on it to fall asleep

Eat peanut butter upside down while someone scares you after drinking a gallon of water... Should work

Don't drink coffee after 7? Take a hot bath it'll relax ur body and ull fall asleep. It works for me

I'm an Insomniac nothing works takes hours to fall asleep and you'll wake up 3 hours later

Yeah, probably fall asleep in the bathtub and then drown.

I don't think F-ing your throat would help OP ;)

Super awkward, but I think someone beat you to it :(.