By Denki - 30/01/2013 12:21 - China - Beijing

Today, I went to my cousin's wedding. The groom walked over when the two of us were talking, took one good look at me, slapped me on the ass, and said, "You know, if I wasn't marrying Rose here, you'd be next." Yeah, about that: I'm a 16-year old guy. FML
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Maybe he knew -.-

YDI for being so darn cute ;)


Maybe he knew -.-

Damian95 16

At least Pedo bear would approve.

OP is probably the prettiest guy the groom has ever seen.

I don't know about you guys but if he's 16 he could definitely look like Justin bieber and that would be misleading.

corruptedlol 2

76 - What kind of logic is that?

59- "Logic" wouldn't be the appropiate word here.

dmoran20 27

#76 Drugs are bad mmkay!

76 is insinuating that Justin Bieber looks like a girl

Ohh he definitely knew.

Hey, it's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard.

TwiztedYuri 9

can't be a joke. wedding are way to serious for any form of happiness.

braddenfitch 7

Haha nice, I bet you could take it pretty hard ;)

Schizomaniac 24

This guy is tactful. You must be very popular with the ladies.

I agree. It had to be a joke. Why would he say that in front of his new wife if it wasn't to be humourous? I know guys that joke like that. Blowing kisses and such. It's to try to kid and make that other person feel awkward.

TheDrifter 23

I do that to people all the time. The look of "Oh please no, somebody save me" is priceless.

But #2 what if he wasn't joking?!? o_o. .......Well I guess he still wouldn't want to take it so hard.

I don't think it was a joke after all this is china where it happened a young soft featured Asian boy could very easily look like an Asian girl ... Gender differences aren't as prominent in youth is Asian countries

Exactly 2. And even if it isn't, I've heard that if a gay or bi guy compliments another guy, that other guy is one hell of a sexy beast.

Lol. You said, "take it so hard." I thumbed you up buddy. Don't see why everyone else isn't.

thagar 2

"It's a joke, not a dick, don't take it so hard" badum-tss

#69 Although I agree I would like to pour out something it seems no one else has. They are at a wedding, which to me indicates they are dressed up. If they're dressed up wouldn't OP be in a suit while a girl would be wearing a dress?

crazytwinsmom 25

F Rose's life! She's going to be wondering about him now.

hawright 13

My sentiments exactly. Now she will always wonder if its her younger male cousin he is thinking about when getting intimate. If anal just "works better for him" we've got issues.

She'll be wondering if her husband will be bending over to... Too OP. lots of Asian guys I've seen look like girls. I could see the mistake. (OP is from China).

he said he did it when him and the cousin were talking, not when him and the bride were talking,

I'm just hoping the groom has a funny sense of humor. And if he does, Rose probably knew about it and decided to laugh about it. Weird yes...but maybe they think it's funny?

Times are tough in China. If you can't get a girl, why not a boy?

I think the groom is more than likely drunk. Weddings are stressful events.

Drunk words are sober thoughts.

false. drunk words are drunk thoughts

False. I'm a potato.

Not today!

dmoran20 27

Ahhhh potato whiskey... Mmmmm

Hes probably just trying be funny

And obviously not succeeding.

Eh, I thought it was funny

Schizomaniac 24

This wedding is horse shit!

I didn't want salmon! I said it four times!

TheManager 6

I wasn't fired from my job, I was laid off. But you wouldn't know the difference!

hotPinklipstick 24

This thread is EPIC!!! :)


Werken247 14

So the groom is a gay, pedophile douchenozzle... F the brides Life

Maybe there's like, a tiny chance that he's not being serious?

TheDrifter 23

Not serious? Nah, that could never happen. Him and Rose are obviously duplicates, replaced by bisexual ephebophilic aliens, bent on world domination.

See that's what I was thinking too, but I thought that proposing that to FMLers would be too "out-there."

Your always one of the first petiole to comment, is fml your life or something?

This has been bugging me and is unrelated, but are you Shia LaBeouf?

YDI for being so darn cute ;)

With an ass like that, who could blame him? ;)

Steve95401 49

Maybe the groom thinks OP's ass needs "breaking in". We just need an old lady using a walker to grab OP's ass and and we would have an FML trifecta.