By fail - 19/11/2009 06:10 - Australia

Today, whilst singing at school in front of 300 visiting primary school children I forgot the second verse to my song and let out an F*** word with the microphone still up to my face. FML
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Taking pictures

By Anonymous - 05/12/2019 14:00

Today, I was teaching a high school calculus class. I wrote a complex formula on the board. As I wrote, students asked if they could take a picture of the board and circulate it. I said yes, and I was pleased as everybody seemed to be taking pictures. Soon, I realized why: my skirt was tucked into my underwear. Within a few minutes, every student in the school had an email with a picture of my ugliest pair of floral-printed panties. FML
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Bah, those children will learn that word sooner or later anyway. This FML is a funny one unlike virtually every other one. FYL and I hope you won't get any lawsuits from kids' parents :)

yes, because a word can totally fuck up peoples lives


I hope you realize you just fucked up 300 children for the rest of their lives. F their lives.

yes, because a word can totally fuck up peoples lives

You're soooooo cool, nazooer. We all want to be like you when we grow up.

They were gonna learn the word by the end of their academic carreers anyway.

dude ive heard my little sisters friends say fuck off and shes only 11...i don't think hearing the fuck word is really going to ruin anybody...fuck

Honestly, they probably know it anyways.

Bah, those children will learn that word sooner or later anyway. This FML is a funny one unlike virtually every other one. FYL and I hope you won't get any lawsuits from kids' parents :)

no, he said fudgesickles


haha, I saw something really similar happen a few weeks ago. i was at my brother & sister's school awards night, and the class president was giving her valedictory address. After the first page, she turned over and obviously it was not the page she was expecting. She hesitated, flicked another page or so, shuffled her entire pile of papers (looked like about 4 pages), then said into the mic "sorry, I'll just be a moment"; shuffled the papers again, and obviously forgetting she had an uber-sensitive mic less than 12 inches from her face, muttered "sh*t" in front of probably about 800 students, parents, teachers, dignitaries, families & friends etc. She obviously didn't realise until a second later when everybody laughed. Upon hearing the laugh, her eyes widened, she looked up from her papers to look at the audience, and her hand flew up in front of her mouth. She stood like that for a good ten to fifteen seconds while we laughed again. She ended up going on with her speech, obviously having completely lost the page she was looking for. F her L.

Wow, you just basicly told the same story, only in the form of a WHOLE book

shutup! Don't spoil the rest of the story. Im only up to chapter 1. I hear chapter 2 has vampires.

The main character dies of a massive wall of text in the last chapter :O

SPOILER: One of the vampires gets a dachshund pregnant.

I feel so bad for that girl. I can't imagine being in that situation.

Y were u saying it in the first place? No one says f**k if they forget something they try to rememBer it. Plus, 300 kids in primary school know it now.

i do... i do because of... fuck what was i gonna say next? oh well

who the heck uses the word "whilst"? thats like "this morning 'whilst' wakeing up, I learned that you're retarded..." It just doesn't work :P

uhhh and who uses the word "wakeing"? look whos the retaaaard. whilst is a fine word maybe dumbass people are too dumb to use it :P !

You misspelled "who's".

We say it in Australia, where the poster is from. We also say "amongst". My American friends love that one.

You just gave those kids about a month's worth of education in a single syllable. If I think of all the stuff I learned in school, only a few are more important than the F-word. I carry it with me every day and I use it like a linguistic Swiss Army knife. FML? STFU? WTF? Check, check and check. I've never used synthetic division in the real world, but we wasted a few days on that.

Very true, Perdix. I doubt those kids will ever need to draw a diagram of the Loop of Henle in the real world, but they'll be able to tell co-workers, spouses, and maybe even their own kids one day, to go fuck themselves. Now that's ejakashun!

flying_vegan, you misspelled ejakashun. It's ejmakashun! Seriously, a friend told me about how when she enrolled her daughter in an Alabama school the principal told her that her daughter would get a good ejmakashun.

I really dont have to say much considering you used the word i was thinking of for you as your name,and 'omg u have messed up life as those kids saw it,you might as well have said Santa was a fake'