By lolzboss - 07/03/2011 19:04 - United States

Today, my five year old son decided to move all my stuffed animals I have around the house, into sex positions and massive orgies. What have I been teaching my son lately? FML
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today's kids know a lot more stuff now than when we were kids, I wouldn't be surprised if he learned it at school.

I think it was the fathers influence


I think it was the fathers influence

ya I'm sure he'll grow up to be a great well rounded.... stalker

you guys must be stupid because nowhere on here does it say if he/she is a male/female

Just go with the flow^^^

OP said 'my stuffed animals'.. I assume OP is a girl because not many guys have stuffed animals. back in school they called that context clues. you mightve missed that day...

um I have stuffed animals? a big old penguin :) 3 Teddy bears and 1 giant toucan haha!

Can anyone say teen mom?

@50, they are debating on whether or not the child is male/female, not OP

You're Pretty.

what is wrong with you OP he's FIVE!!!!!

Why does he even have stuffed animals?

^win at 2 & 62's pictures! lol.. pretty girl + freaking crocodile birdie!!!!

do it like they do it on the discovery channel

today's kids know a lot more stuff now than when we were kids, I wouldn't be surprised if he learned it at school.

yeah seriously, the other day I was helping out in a kindergarten and all the little kids had cell phones, and I caught two "couples" making out. horny motherfuckers

Kindergarden? are you serious? a) They either saw some people doing it and decided to play follow the leader. b) Their parents influenced them. or... c) what you caught were some little people by mistake.

My father always said the parents had to be smarter than the kids, yet he got surprised when I flew Flight Simulator 98 correctly at the age of five.

well of corse at this primary school there teaching sex ed in yr 5 I'm in yr 9 and we havnt tacked about it yet

Why do you have a bunch of stuffed animals?

Because op is a furry!

what is a furry.-googles it-. im scared.

my thoughts exactly. shouldn't they be the kids?

they belong to the kid.. but she paid for them?!? lmao

Ok my comments are not going through...It's making me mad..

So naturally, in retaliation to the site's evil methods, you attempt to post comments that will make you seem incredibly special if they go through. An excellent choice.

Why do you have stuffed animals?

don't get mad at the fact he likes penis, if he wants to be homosexual let him

29- 14 was talking to 10 about 7's comment.. Haha.

looks like noone else wanted to play the penis game !

Way to start the "furry" training young.

Lolol furries ftw

Exactly! What have you been teaching him?

I think the better question is why do you have a bunch of stuffed animals?

I was going to post the same thing! WTF is up with stuffed animals everywhere?

They could be the son's stuffed animals..