By Anonymous - 20/06/2012 23:08 - United States - New Kensington

Today, I went to the gynecologist. As she was checking me out, she said, "Wow. So you must get wet a lot." It took me several minutes to realize she was talking about my job bathing dogs. FML
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It must get hairy too, if you know what I mean. All those dog hairs.


You could've asked if he can get you wet. I'll stop now But FYL OP

You got the excitement of being first get to you, didn't you?

Both individuals involved in this FML are female.

I think 1 let the excitement of being first get to them.

hockeyoceancity 13

You do realize he could have easily just forgot to add the "s"... Not everyone rereads what they say to make their grammar correct, not saying it's right or wrong just pointing it out.

I see the excitement of first comment really got to you

That's a really poor choice of words considering where the doctor works...

Everyone realizes that, having read the FML.

1crabbygirl 10

Dr messing with her, obvo.

That's exactly what she wants OP to think. Where, on the other hand, she meant a totally different thing. (;

Lmfao!! That's Not an FML that's an I love my life! Ha!

'Shit_talkin_chik'... Seems very appropriate

Are you sure she was talking about your dog not your pussy?

Not really an appropriate thing for them to discuss I'd say, at least not in such a phrased way.

'Twas a joke. And it is late as hell. My apologies, FML, for my unentertaining post!

People should stop using the "it is late" excuse when they get thumbed down.

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65 especially when FML is often the last resort

56- I couldn't agree more. I mean, what the hell does it being late have anything to do with the fact that the person wrote one stupid ass comment?!

The two of you should have gone to eat out after she checked you out.

Eat out... The start of any good lesbian porno

What kind of amazing **** have you found that STARTS with any kind of sex? Always gotta skip ahead to the 5min mark =P.

But some people only need 45 seconds.

Wait your guys' **** has parts where there isn't sex happening?

I can't think of anything much more awkward...

Her dad could have been the gynecologist, that might make it more awkward and incestuous.