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Today, I decided to improve my posture by sitting through all of my classes with my shoulders and back completely straight. Pretty soon I couldn't move my shoulders at all. I had to go to the chiropractor. It turns out that in trying to improve my posture, I misaligned my spine instead. FML
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Well, at least you aren't a hunchback?


Silly fool. Haha lol oh my. So basically you were looking like a dumbass all day. lolz

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He didn't deserve it, but still. If the military can, than OP should be able to sit straight

Um everyone can do it even military? posture is important goon on OP for trying! and ull get it once they fix ur spine haha

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Maybe this FML will get my teacher to stop telling me to sit up. Cause of her, I have to wear 2 back bre-I mean, back bracers.

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its cuz ur fat op!!!

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I try doing that sometimes but I feel dumb and uncomfortable. but props to op for trying!(:

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Just to clarify for 10, OP is a "she".

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well since Jon Cryer is no longer in Two And A Half Men, you can book an appointment..

Smarticus XD that sucks for you.

Well, at least you aren't a hunchback?

yikes! probably did it wrong :/

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oh yeah we need sooooooooo many more

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There's a thing called sarcasm.

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No there isn't.

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#6 no one in retardica cares...

maybe you should stop trying so hard to look good you don't need make up or anything accept that you are ugly and suck it up k Ty

28, are you trying to insult Antarctica? Look out, those penguins sure can get feisty!

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sarcasm doesn't translate very well over the internet...

I think most people got the sarcasm. It just wasn't funny

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Ouch....well, at least you now have an excuse to not be sitting "properly". xD

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haha nice

Back to the drawing board!

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This is worse then that time i found two camels in a tiny car.

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lol! double rainbow!

at least no one walked in on you "doin ya mum"

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co za asy

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stalking your mom

14 and 43 were wins. all the other comment above replying to 14 sucked. :/. where's perdix and family when u need them??